Penetrating Glances
Take my friend

"Hi," Daina says and smiles brightly at him as he slams the door of his shiny Black BMW and walks confidently toward her. He’s smiling too but his eyes haven’t reached her face yet.

Today she’s wearing a pair of white exercise tights and a black tank top with a picture of a white cat on the front. Underneath she’s not wearing a bra. She was lounging around the house and didn’t feel like changing when he called to say he had a surprise for her. Daina generally loved his surprises. She and Brandon had been ‘hanging out’ for about two months and he had been a gentleman the entire time. She liked it, and him yet, she yearned for something more and she didn’t want to have to ask.

"I am so tired of training men," she thought to herself as she watched him hold out a red and white box with a bow on it. "This one is nice, he already knows what I like and he does it without asking, it’s just, I may be a lady but damn- I really want to fuck. He is taking too damn long."

"Come on in," she says and takes Brandon’s hand as they enter the threshold of her home. The living room is messy as usual. Her roommates are artists and so is she so, the chaos is comforting to her.

"Sorry about that," she says as his foot brushes past a pair of dark blue boxers in the middle of the living room floor. "What’s in the box?"

"Look and see," he says and grins down at her. His attention alternating between her curious grin and the enticing V-shaped mound he sees at the meeting of her thighs. "Why does she wear those tights when she sees me?" he thinks to himself. "I am trying to show her respect. I like her a lot and I don’t want to mess up but, when she wears those tights that show off all of her firm curves and that lovely fat pussy, I can barely stop myself from getting down on my knees and biting it. It looks so fat and juicy. I want that."

They sit down on the lime green sofa and the cat walks by and meows at them as she opens the box with one hand, her other arm resting on his leg. She screams when she sees what is inside the box.

"Oh my GOD! For real? Is it mine?" she asks, sitting straight up and lifting the flat object out of the box and hugging it to her chest.

"Didn’t you say you wanted one?" he grins over at her, laughing on the inside. It doesn’t take much to please her, he already knew what she liked. She likes to be told she’s pretty and she likes to be showered with gifts. It turns her on. He could tell the first time he bought her a purse that she pointed out when they had gone to the mall. When he gave it to her the next time he saw her, he could smell her body react. He lived for that smell, so he brought her gifts often. She would curl up next to him like a kitten and he would rub her shoulders and she would squirm in delight. After a while he could feel goosebumps on her arm as she squirmed a little more and the heat from her body mixed with the scent of her body lotion would fill the room with the most intoxicating aroma.

"I am so HAPPY!" she exclaims as she takes out her digital camera to take a picture for her blog. "I can’t wait to write about this! My very first IPAD! Oh my gosh! I am so excited! I am going to stay up all night writing all kinds of stories and I’ll email them to you first so you can read them and then I’ll learn the programs and…"

He couldn’t hear the rest of what she was saying because his soul glowed when she glowed like this. He never felt more proud of himself than when he made her smile. Her personality was a bit eccentric and she was a little more weird than most of the woman he pursued but still, there was a gentle majesty in the way she fluttered from one artistic project to another, passionate one minute, sad the next. It was like a roll of the dice when he saw her, you never knew if she’d be laughing, crying or angry.

But at this moment she is purring like a kitten next to him. She nuzzles her face in his neck and kisses him a few times on the cheek as he puts his arms around her and squeezes. “She’s such a big baby,” he thinks and looks down at her sipping her orange juice through a straw with the goofiest grin on her face.

"What are you thinking about?" he asks her.

"Oh! I can’t wait for you to leave so I can start using my IPAD, I have lots to write about and create!" As soon as the words leave her mouth she falls silent. Oh shit. Did I say that aloud? Fuck. This dude must think I’m so weird. But then again, he still keeps coming around.

"Sorry," she says and lays her face on his lap. "I mean, I don’t want you to leave yet, I’m just excited to learn my new toy."

He shakes his head. Inside he is tickled to death but he maintains a serious expression somehow.

"I know I don’t have much, but, I do have something for you too," she tells him as his fingers play with the coils of her hair as her head rests on his lap. He can see Daina squirming again and her round ass looks so appetizing as it writhes next to him. He is using all of his self control not to smack it.

"What’s that?" he asks, not caring about the answer. This woman doesn’t understand that her presence, the energy she gives him with her child like joy is really the best gift she could give. At that moment, reality hits him.

Damn. I’m in love.

"Did you hear what I said?" Daina asks him again.

"Sorry, what happened?"

"You are not even listening to me," she says and slaps his leg playfully. "I said, my friend Elena is in town and I want you to fuck her."


Daina is still laying there on the couch, her face against his groin, changing her body’s position every few minutes.

"I’m just saying- she’s in town and I want you to fuck her when she gets here tonight. She really needs some badly."

"You want me to fuck your friend?" Brandon asks incredulously.

"Why not?" Daina’s cheek brushes up against Brandon’s cock through his pants and she can feel it begin to harden.

"Daina, We haven’t even had sex yet," Brandon reminds her, playing it cool. He’s confused, wondering if this is some sort of test.

"Well, if you fuck Elena and she says its good then you can fuck me after. Deal?"

Brandon’s head begins to spin. He doesn’t know how to react. What the hell is up with this woman? Oh. I get it. It’s a test. It has to be. I’ll play her little game.

"Ok Daina," Brandon says. "If that’s what you want."

"Yay!" Daina hops up and runs to her bedroom. When she walks out she is smiling. "Ok. Good. She’s on her way now."

"Sure Daina. Now come sit back down with me and tell me why the idea of that makes you happy."

"I don’t believe a man is supposed to be with one woman. I think it’s unnatural, Brandon," Daina explains. "I just want to be sure that you can be comfortable enough to enjoy other women and me too without feeling shame."

Brandon is studying her face. She seems to be earnest. Why would any woman want to share a man, especially a woman as special as her? Daina could have anyone she wants, her outer beauty matches her inner beauty yet, she doesn’t want commitment. Why?

She seems to read his perplexed expression and she says, “I don’t own you Brandon. I don’t think life or,” she pauses. “Or Love is about that.”

Just then the doorbell rings and Daina jumps up. Brandon’s palms are on his face as his confusion escalates.


Brandon hears the sounds of two friends greeting each other.

"You look good, girl!"

"You too, girl!" Brandon hears a slightly husky voice before Elena enters the room.

"You must be Brandon," Elena says and extends her hand. "Daina adores you."

"Th-Thanks," Brandon manages as he stands up to greet her. His gaze takes in the image. It is quite stirring. Elena is a few years older than Daina. She has long hair that is twisted in ropes that hang to her butt. She’s a light skinned version of Daina- same height, same weight, except Elena seems more confident and assured.

"Come in the room with me," She instructs Brandon.

The tone in her voice is not easy to deny. Brandon finds himself following her, his eyes fixed on that apple shaped ass luring him toward the back of the house.

She closes the door behind him and sits on the bed, motioning for him to sit beside her.

"Elena, I…" Brandon begins.

Elena interrupts him by putting a finger to his lips. Shhhh…

She pulls him toward the bed and stands in front of him. He begins to feel woozy so he sits down. She’s grinning at him now, her chest inches away from his nose.

"Touch me," she says and takes his hand placing it on her cleavage. "If you touch me here," she instructs, placing his index finger on her nipple outside of her blouse, "If you touch me here, my pussy gets hot immediately. Can you do that for me?"

Brandon obeys, feeling as though he has stepped into some alternate reality. His fingertips find the buttons of her blouse and he releases each one. Her legs are now intertwined with his as she pushes her chest forward, eager for his touch. The entire bedroom seems to melt away as Brandon’s fingertips explore her areola. They are very dark and her nipple becomes erect as soon as his fingers touch it. He bites his lip and he takes two fingers, kneading the nipple between them. Her body reacts immediately and her knees press against his chest. He’s fondling her hard nipple with one hand while his other hand explores the softness of her thigh. Up, up, his hands go beneath her skirt.

Her eyes are closed now. She’s breathing heavily and Brandon’s thick cock is jumping inside his pants, aching to be released. His hands climb higher and higher, until he feels the slickness of her panties, completely soaked at this point- hot and sticky- just the way he likes it.

"Your pussy’s hot," he whispers to her. Both of her hands are now on his head.

"Mmm.." she whines as his fingers find her clit through the fabric of her panties. He presses down firmly causing her to moan loudly.

"Damn Brandon. Like that?" She pulls his face toward her hot snatch and he bumps his nose on her twat. He bites at it through the fabric and then carefully pulls her panties to the side. His nose dives in first, inhaling her pungent scent. Then his tongue parts her pussy lips and wiggles its way to the clit. Her clit is engorged and he wastes no time sucking it like a mini penis. His flat tongue plays with it and sucks it, alternating to invoke waves of pleasure throughout Elena’s body.

"You like that pussy?"

It isn’t Elena’s voice. Brandon opens his eyes to see Daina standing next to him. She’s wearing her t-shirt and panties only and she’s rubbing her own pussy as she watches them.

His eyes take on a primal look as he sees her for the first time in her panties. He releases Elena and reaches for Daina.

She stops him with two hands to his chest. His chest heaving up and down, an unbridled desire for the woman he loves.

"No. Elena first. Could you please fuck my friend and let me watch? Please?"

Brandon is confused but realizes he loves Daina enough to oblige. He grabs Elena forcefully and pushes her onto the bed on her back. He removes her underwear and her blouse completely after removing his own shirt and slacks.

Elena is waiting, rubbing her hairy pussy while Daina sits beside her, playing with Elena’s hair.

"Isn’t she pretty?" Daina whispers to Brandon in a dream like state, staring down at her friend. Brandon doesn’t reply. He’s looking at Daina, thinking about Daina, wondering why the hell she makes him feel like this and how she excites his soul. His gaze never leaves Daina’s face as he pins Elena’s legs behind her neck and impales her with his thick rod in one even shot. Elena screams out and Daina comforts her by kissing her on the cheek and neck.

"Let my man fuck you, Elena. Do you like the feel of his cock?"

Elena is breathless as she tries to keep up with Brandon’s insistent thrusts. The friction between his dick and her pussy could cause a fire, her slippery wetness extinguishing the flames as he slides in and out, her juices running heavily onto the bed- her smell wafting through the room. Her pussy tightens with each stroke and Brandon’s cock is getting the work out of its life, milked for all its worth by a tight, wet, juicy pussy, begging to be fucked and banged.

"Fuck me!" Elena begs as Brandon’s thrusts become even more vigilent. His penis is now a steel rod, its veins pulsating with energy. He releases her legs which were pinned behind her neck and places both hands on her throat.

"Don’t hurt her," Daina whispers and kisses Brandon on the lips. Brandon’s grip on Elena’s throat relaxes as he continues his steady rhythm staring into Daina’s brown eyes. Daina is naked now, having removed her panties and tank top to allow better access for her fingers. Brandon is fucking Elena and holding her throat like the reins of a horse, her thighs make a slapping sound as they bump against his torso. He looks like a jockey nearing the final stretch as she bucks wildly and he maintains control through his reins. He grinds his pelvis into her pussy, pushing his dick inside her as far as it could go. She pulls him hard against her and their eyes meet. They are both biting their lip as her clit is being massaged by his pelvis, grinding fast and hard against her.

"Get that pussy, daddy," Daina encourages and Brandon’s eyes float from one sexy friend to the other, not knowing where to place his attention.

"How does that pussy feel, Brandon?" Daina asks as his strokes pick up momentum again. "Will you cum inside her Brandon? Please. She really wants you to."

Brandon studies Daina’s face and he continues his assault on Elena’s sloppy gash. Daina moves closer to Brandon and kneels behind him, whispering into his ear and her hands roam his naked body. “You look so sexy while you’re fucking my friend Brandon. I can’t wait to see you cum inside her. Can you do that for me daddy. Please?”

When she does that baby whine, Brandon can’t resist. “This bitch is about to get a pussy full of cum,” Brandon manages to speak as his grip on Elena’s throat tightens.

"Don’t hurt her," Daina reminds him, her fingers slipping down his back to the top of his ass. "Just fuck the shit out of her, fill her with cum so we can send her ass home."

Daina’s voice sends Brandon over the top. He’s looking straight at Daina while he’s fucking Elena and Daina is smiling, her fingertips creeping, creeping downward.

"I’m about to cum," Brandon warns. His teeth are clenched now. Daina’s fingers reach the opening down below and in once swift motion her pointer finger disappears inside Brandon’s asshole and he screams, bucks wildly and cums at the same time shooting all of his hot, nasty sperm inside Elena’s open, freshly fucked pussy.

He releases his grip on Elena’s neck and Daina is still kneeling behind him. He reaches back, grabs Daina’s face and kisses her lips as Elena recovers silently beneath him, his dick still inside her.

"I love you, Daina."

"I know. Me too," she says and returns his kiss as the world stands still for one moment where two soul mates recognize each other.

Camping Trip

Steve Lentaigne sat down on a log beside the campfire and prepared his breakfast with a feeling of great contentment.

The long winter had finally given way to a beautiful spring and the unusually warm May air felt good in his lungs. Nature and the outdoors had always been his passion and he looked forward to eight more days of solitary wandering. He didn’t yet know that his plans would take an interesting turn that he would stay with him forever.

Scott and Elaine McCann had leased the luxury cottage with boathouse on Cree Lake until the middle of June. It was quiet this early in the season with few, if any, people to disturb their solitude. Elaine’s love was macro-photography; insects, tiny flowers and the like while Scott’s taste was more of an erotic nature. He photographed Elaine in various stages of undress and in very adult poses, particularly in the outdoors. For her part, Elaine found posing exciting and became very aroused during the sessions that frequently ended with intense love-making. She also had far more sex drive than Scott and indulged in an occasional lover; Scott enjoyed watching these encounters and often filmed or photographed them.

Steve consulted his map and compass before setting off at 06:30 on a north-westerly course that would take him past the northern tip of Cree Lake. He carried a GPS and would use it in emergencies but preferred less electronic methods. It was another glorious spring morning as he made good progress through the northern woods. Just after 10:00 he came to a hunters’ cabin and was greeted by two men chopping wood. He disliked hunting. Shooting with his camera was more to his taste but he chatted amiably with the men. They invited him inside for a coffee and he gladly accepted the refreshment. There were four other hunters in the cabin and Evan passed a pleasant half-hour with them before continuing on his way. As he distanced himself from the cabin he was struck by the thought that he hadn’t seen any guns around. He shook it from his mind as he reached the top a hill and looked down to the water below. Even with his coffee break he had made good time to Cree Lake.

Scott and Elaine left the cottage just after 09:30 and hiked north to a picturesque spot they had located the day before. Scott photographed Elaine as she undressed. When she was naked, he directed her to a tree and she leant back against it. The camera captured images of her from several angles before she turned around, stretched her hands out against the tree and stuck her bottom out proudly. Scott liked what he saw through the lens and the shutter snapped several times. He moved closer and told her to open her legs wide for some pussy shots. His hands felt her ass then slowly drifted between her legs. She was already wet with excitement and Scott’s fingers easily probed her vagina. He wanted her labia lips highly aroused and spread apart for his close-up shots, he found her gaping vagina so erotic. His attentions had the desired effect and soon he was crouched down with camera in action as Elaine spread her labia with her fingers to help Scott achieve the desired results.

The hill down to the lake was steep and Steve needed to make his descent carefully. He was angling down toward the north end of the lake when movement caught his eye in a small clearing a few hundred metres to the south. It looked like a person but at this distance he couldn’t be sure. He retrieved binoculars from his backpack and located the movement. He was shocked to see a naked woman walk across the clearing and lie on the trunk of a fallen tree. She lifted her legs and placed a hand between them. It was then that he saw the man with a camera pointed at her. Well, well, he thought and scanned south along the shore of the lake until he came to the large cottage with its impressive boathouse and assumed they must be from there. He watched for a few minutes before continuing down the slope to the water’s edge and made his way cautiously around the lake. He came to within a few meters of the clearing and observed the couple from among a group of small trees. The woman was on her knees gulping down the man’s penis while caressing his balls. They moved over to the fallen tree and the woman straddled it. The man mounted her from behind and began thrusting vigorously. Steve’s erection strained in the confinement of his pants as he watched the couple and heard their sounds of passion. A noisy climax was reached and the man picked up his camera and took several close-up shots between the woman’s legs before they dressed and headed southward.

That’s not something you see on a hike everyday, they’re quite a couple, Steve thought. At that moment he decided to take a detour to the cottage with the fancy boathouse. He was in no rush and stopped several times to take photos of birds, ferns and a marten. He came upon a rudimentary trail and followed it until he saw the boathouse. Scott was seated in one of several chairs surrounding an outdoor table shaded by a large umbrella beside the structure. He was sorting through a pile of camera equipment laid out across the table. He rose when he saw Steve approaching and shouted his hello. The two men shook hands, introductions were made and after talk of the great weather the conversation concentrated on the equipment on the table and their mutual love of photography. They discussed their preferred makes of cameras, accessories, filters and such. Scott asked Steve if he would like to stay for lunch and chat some more. His wife, Elaine, was just showering before they ate and he was sure she wouldn’t mind. Steve readily accepted and was anxious to meet his very sexy wife.

Elaine came out of the boathouse in t-shirt and shorts and Scott made the introductions. Steve felt a twinge in his groin; she really was a very sexy lady, with or without clothes. Scott showed her Steve’s photos taken so far on his trip and she remarked on their quality. She was particularly interested in the ones of insects and woodland flowers and remarked that he had a great eye for beauty and composition.

He said he was surprised she had come from the boathouse since Scott had mentioned she was taking a shower. She explained that the boathouse had a luxury apartment above and they spent almost no time in the cottage, preferring the spectacular views of the lake the apartment offered, especially at night. They glanced at each other with the hint of a smile. Steve guessed this exchange was of a private, romantic nature and did not pursue it. Scott informed Elaine that Steve had been invited for lunch and she smiled saying that was lovely and he was very welcome.

Elaine volunteered to prepare lunch and left the guys to chat. A few minutes later Scott excused himself and returned with a bottle of wine and glasses. He told Steve that Elaine liked his photos very much and hoped he would show her more; perhaps he would take some shots of her. Steve became super hard at that image but sipped his wine and replied that he would be happy to. They chatted over lunch and Steve couldn’t help but notice the occasional sexual innuendo that interspersed the otherwise, normal topics of conversation. Scott asked if he had ever photographed nude subjects and Elaine mentioned that she liked to pose in all kinds of situations and was a little bit of an exhibitionist. She commented unabashedly that if you had a nice body, why not flaunt it. Steve had noticed when she talked of posing and her own body, her nipples hardened and jutted proudly against the thin material of her t-shirt.

Scott offered to clear the table leaving Steve to chat with Elaine. She kept the topic on photography and said she had modelled for Scott many times in ‘risqué poses’. He earned his living as a photographer of nude and other adult material and they had met when she had modelled for him and they fell in love and married.

When Scott returned he had yet another camera in hand. He handed it to Steve and asked him to offer his opinion on some of his latest work. Steve flipped out the digital screen and pressed the advance button. He viewed the well composed pictures of the surrounding woodland and lake and then there was Elaine, naked, leaning back against a tree with her fingers between her legs.

"You’ve made a mistake, I don’t think you meant me to see these," Steve said as he passed the camera back to Scott.

Scott took the camera and looked at the display. ‘She’s quite beautiful, isn’t she,” he mused and handed it back. “It’s alright, Elaine knows, I discussed it with her when I went for the wine.” Elaine smiled and nodded in agreement and Steve’s gaze reverted to the display. He went through the forty odd pictures of Elaine while the couple looked on grinning. He put the camera down and thought for right words to say. “They’re brilliant. Elaine, you are a very lovely, sexy woman and Scott, you are a talented and lucky man.”

"The thing is," Scott began, "I can’t keep up with Elaine anymore, she needs a lot more attention than I can provide. She likes you and we were hoping you could provide that extra attention."

Elaine glanced at Scott then got out of her chair and stood behind Steve. She caressed his shoulders and chest then bent around and kissed him full on the lips. Before he had fully recovered from his surprise Elaine’s hand was fondling his erection through his pants.

"I want you to take me on this table, right now," Elaine panted as they mouthed and tongued each other.

Steve stood and they embraced, his hands exploring her ass. She lifted off her t-shirt and he squeezed, licked and bit the breasts. He was unaware at that moment that Scott was already recording the action on his camera. He picked Elaine up and laid her on the table. Her shorts and panties were removed and she opened her legs as Steve moved his mouth to her pussy. She was already very wet and his tongue easily explored her vagina. He spread her labia and concentrated on her clitoris, flicking and teasing it until she climaxed and flooded his face with pussy juice. He stood, removed his clothes and positioned himself between her legs.

"Fuck her….stick that cock in her….make her cum….fuck her good and hard….stuff her pussy with your dick….she wants your hard dick….fuck her," Scott babbled as he moved about with his camera.

Steve held Elaine’s legs apart and guided his cock into her. He began a slow thrusting, gradually building speed until he was driving into her with force. Elaine bucked back onto his cock wanting it harder and deeper; she fondled her tits and repeated, ‘Yes, yes,’ over and over until she screamed when she felt sperm flood into her.

"Great stuff, great stuff," Scott said excitedly, "she liked that a lot, spread her pussy lips for me, I want some shots of that creampie."

Steve parted her labia and gently massaged them. Cum appeared and Scott took several pictures. Scott then inserted three fingers into his wife’s pussy and brought her to another climax and put his sperm-covered digits into her mouth.

Elaine excused herself to freshen up and Steve donned his clothes then sat and looked at the photos with Scott.

"She loves to get fucked; I have medical issues that make it tough for me but I really enjoy watching her being screwed," Scott commented in a matter-of-fact manner. "I have a proposal for you that I hope you will accept. First, stay for dinner and spend the night, I’m sure Elaine would like to enjoy you again. Second, I have arranged something special for tomorrow. It is something Elaine and I have spoken of many times and I would like you to be a part of it, your camera and…er…other skills will come in handy. She knows nothing of this and it must remain that way, here is what will happen tomorrow……"

Steve listened and had to say yes, there was no way he wanted to miss it.

The guys went up to the apartment above the boathouse and as Steve showered he thought of Scott’s plans and became very hard.

The apartment was certainly finished to a high standard and as Steve was given a tour he understood why they liked to spend time there. The piece-de-resistance was a wall of windows that overlooked the lake. They extended about two meters on the roof giving the area a sunroom quality. A fireplace on the left was angled toward the centre of the space and on the right, a TV and stereo were likewise angled. A large sofa faced outward and a thick rug lay in front covering a portion of the hardwood floor. The windows faced west so the sunsets must be spectacular.

The trio enjoyed a lengthy, lazy dinner, chatting about a wide variety of topics. They got along well and shared many things in common. With the dishes cleaned they settled down on the sofa with drinks. Elaine sat between the men with her Sambuka while Scott and Steve sipped single malt scotch. The sunset truly was spectacular and when it finally crept below the horizon Elaine rose saying she would be back in a minute.

The moon and several trillion stars now provided the ambient lighting.

Scott turned to Steve and said, “No cameras tonight, we’ll concentrate on giving her a good, long fucking in preparation for tomorrow.”

Elaine returned dressed in blue; cupless corset, tiny thong, stockings and spike heels. She stood in front of the men with her legs apart and hands on her hips.

"Strip off," she ordered, "I want you both naked."

She watched as they shed their clothes and stood naked in front of her. Hard cocks bobbed in front of her and she grabbed one in each hand and masturbated them. Scott kissed his wife and fondled her tits and Steve stroked her pussy with one hand and felt her ass with the other. She knelt down and alternately sucked and jerked their erections then brought them together and filled her mouth with both cocks. She stood and sat in the middle of the sofa, pulled her thong aside and played with her pussy while the guys looked on and fondled themselves.

"I need a cock in my mouth and a tongue on my clit," Elaine demanded and Scott stood on the sofa and fed her his dick. Steve knelt between her legs and rubbed his fingers over her pussy and through the small patch of neatly trimmed hair resting above. Taking his thumbs to her labia he spread the lips apart exposing her clit and expertly used his tongue to bring her to climax. He then drove his cock into her as she continued to fellate her husband. Scott then lay on the rug and Elaine climbed on top.

"Get into her pussy also," Scott suggested and Steve positioned himself behind and, after a little struggle, slid his cock in beside Scott’s. Elaine cried out with pleasure as the two dicks fucked her pussy and soon Scott ejaculated.

"That’s me done for the night." he said as the disentangled. "Keep giving it to her, she can last all night."

Steve and Elaine continued for another hour in various positions. On her hands and knees on the rug she was pounded from behind as she gazed at the reflected moonlight on the lake. She rolled onto her back and the stars became a blur as she climaxed and tears filled her eyes.

After they had showered they gathered on the sofa for a nightcap. Scott informed Elaine that he had asked Steve to assist with the photo shoot the following day and she was visibly pleased that he would still be around.

Another beautiful morning greeted the threesome as they set off for the photo session. Their destination was about a kilometre away and had been located a couple of weeks before. This had been necessary so he could finalize his special arrangements. Elaine thought that today’s photos would be of a mild B&D theme and upon arrival at the meadow dotted with a few small trees she was excited and hurriedly removed her outfit from the backpack. It consisted of a black leather corset that allowed her tits to be fully exposed, a leather collar, fishnets and stiletto heels. She was not wearing a thong; Scott wanted her tits, ass and pussy to be exposed and available from the start. He began with general shots of his wife then invited Steve to join her. Scott knew what he wanted and gave his directions.

"Bend over Dear, okay Steve, smack her ass with the paddle. Good, now sit on that log. Elaine, lay across his lap. Smack her, yeah that looks great, now stick the dildo in and smack her ass at the same time. Hold it; I want close-ups of that dildo in her pussy. Lie on the log, Hon, yes good, tie her hands above her head, now spread her legs wide and tie them. Great! Now fuck her with the dildo."

Elaine shuddered to a powerful climax. Scott’s voice was noticeably excited when he set out his next directives. Elaine stood between two small trees and Steve tied her hands and feet so she was spread-eagled. He then put a blindfold over her eyes.

"Okay, Love, we’re ready. I want you to struggle."

Elaine pulled and pushed against the ropes and Scott clicked away from the front, back and sides.

"Time for the dildo," he ordered.

Steve approached Elaine and massaged her pussy before inserting the rubber cock. It was about a foot and a half long and after burying it halfway he walked off behind her. Scott raised his arms over his head and waved from side to side. Six naked men came quietly from the nearby forest and stood with Steve. He recognized them as those he had shared coffee with at the hunters’ cabin the previous day. Scott moved about taking photos and offering suggestions to Elaine.

Scott called for more action and instructed Evan to go back and fuck Elaine with the dildo but he stayed where he was. One of the men came forward and took hold of the dildo. She squirmed with pleasure and let out little squeals as the dildo invaded her pussy in long, deep strokes. Another man came forward and mauled one of her breasts. At this point she was still under the impression that it was Steve causing this excitement but when another man grabbed her other breast she began to realize what was happening. The remaining three men stepped up and Elaine felt the full meaning of her position. She felt hands everywhere and hard cocks brushing against her sides and buttocks. “Oh, Scott,” she cried, “you did it, you finally did it.”

The dildo rammed in, her clit was being excited, her breasts, nipples and ass mauled and a tongue explored her mouth. Scott hopped about with great enthusiasm, his camera clicking away at a furious rate. One of the men loosened the ropes restraining Elaine’s legs and she was lifted up. Held in a semi-reclining position the dildo was removed and a real cock took its place. She was fucked by all six men in this position while hands roved her body and the dildo fucked her mouth. When the sixth man withdrew, the leg ropes were tethered to the trees again and her arms were released. She was bent over and a hard dick slid into her wet pussy. Another cock was forced into her mouth and her hands were grabbed and directed to jerk off two more cocks.

Scott offered encouragement to his wife and the men with a steady stream of suggestions, “That’s it, fuck that horny bitch….smack her ass….force a cock down her throat….take that dick, Honey, take it all the way in….you’ve wanted this for a long time….jerk those cocks….get another cock in her mouth…yes, that’s a great shot.”

Steve stripped off and joined the group; he untied the ropes from Elaine’s legs and she stood, still holding two cocks and being mauled by several hands. One of the men lay on the grass and she sat on his cock and leaned forward where two erections waited for her mouth. Scott remembered yesterday’s sex and asked for someone to get another dick in her pussy. A man with a long, thick hard-on knelt behind Elaine and eased into her. Scott lay on the ground to get close-up shots of his wife’s crammed pussy and said, “Gee Lainey, you’re creaming all over them, their cocks are covered, give it to her guys, she loves it, fuck her deep.

One of the two men Elaine was giving head to shot his seed onto her face and the other man followed soon after. They rubbed cum over her face and into her mouth with their cocks and Scott captured it all on film. Steve put his cock into Elaine’s mouth and fucked it like it were a wet pussy until he exploded down her throat.

Scott knew how he wanted to end this and he called a temporary halt to the proceedings. “Right,” he started, “there are four guys still to shoot their wad, and this is how we will do it. Steve, sit on the ground against that tree and Lainey, lie on your back with your head on his stomach. You two guys take hold of her ankles and bring her legs up and spread them.”

Elaine’s pussy was now pointing skyward and the first man stepped up and guided his cock into her. On Scott’s instructions he gave it to her hard and deep, withdrawing just before he ejaculated and sent his seed splashing all over Elaine’s open, wet hole. The remaining three men followed and when the last man finished Scott took close-ups of his wife’s cum-drenched pussy. She was then tied back to the trees. The six men departed and disappeared into through the trees. Scott asked Steve to go over and play with Elaine for a few final shots before packing up. He fondled her and used the dildo on her still highly aroused pussy. She bent her knees to meet the thrusting rubber cock and Steve looked down and saw it was wet with her orgasms.

The ropes were removed and sunglasses replaced the blindfold. Scott suddenly blurted that he must have her now. He bent his wife over a fallen tree and took her for a spirited ride before filling her pussy.

Heading back to the boathouse Elaine could not contain her satisfaction with what had just occurred and thanked Scott again and again. She was still visibly horny prompting Scott to suggest Steve stay for another night. That afternoon and evening were particularly warm and after dinner they sat on lawn chairs down on the small beach beside the lake. Steve and Elaine went skinny-dipping in the cold water after which she revived his shrunken manhood back to full size with her wonderful lips and mouth. They fucked on the beach as Scott cheered them on and gave advice. The following morning, Elaine came to Steve’s room and they enjoyed one another for the last time.

Twenty-four hours later Steve Lentaigne sat down on a log beside the campfire and prepared his breakfast with a feeling of great contentment.

Kingsized Bed

My wife’s best friend, Lisa, was very close to the two of us. She spent so much time with us because her boyfriend, Tim, worked out of town a lot. His job often sent him away with short notice and an uncertain return date. Frankly, I don’t know how Lisa coped with it. Their relationship had to be difficult, with many lonely nights for both of them.

When Tim was away, Lisa was often over at our place. Lisa and my wife, Megan, had known each other since they started college. I had gotten comfortable enough with Lisa that our conversations covered everything – even sex. Many times when the three of us were together, the topic of conversation strayed to how often we did it, favorite positions, what we really liked from oral sex, and masturbation. For our part, Megan and I learned from these conversations. Lisa said she was learning from us as well. A few times, we even rented porno movies to watch together. Usually on these nights, after Lisa went home, the sex with Megan was at its best. I got so horny talking about the intimate details of our sex lives with Lisa. I would sit there trying to conceal a raging hard-on, anxious for Lisa to leave so I could take Megan to bed. When I did and we got undressed, I would find her pussy to be about as wet as it got. She apparently also enjoyed the discussions. The next time we saw Lisa, she would ask if we had fun after she had left. We would answer truthfully. For her part, Lisa would tell how she had used her dildo to satisfy her urges.

When Tim was in town, Lisa was busy in bed with him. We didn’t see the two of them nearly as often as we saw just Lisa when Tim was gone. More than once, I fantasized about having sex with Lisa. I had seen her in a bikini so it wasn’t too much of a stretch to imagine what her tits looked like. I had a pretty good idea of what Lisa’s pussy must look like, from the shape of her bikini stretched across her labia. I had masturbated while thinking about this, and even played the fantasy out in my mind a few times as I had sex with Megan, though I had never shared this fact with either woman.

We were friends with Tim; we just didn’t have as much opportunity to spend time with him. I guess that is why we weren’t as close to him as we were to Lisa.

One time when Tim was away, we made plans to get together for a week in Florida. Tim would be getting some vacation time starting that Friday. Since he was working on the east coast, the plan was for Lisa to ride with us to the hotel and Tim would meet us there. We reserved two rooms on the beach. We were lucky to get them because it was a holiday weekend.

The three of us took the afternoon off that Friday. Megan and I packed the car and picked up Lisa at her apartment. She was ready, anxious to see Tim. He had been gone for two weeks and she was horny. We got in the car and headed east on the interstate.

To pass the time, Lisa brought along a book to read. She had Dr. Ruth’s Guide to Good Sex. From the back seat, she intended to read to us from the book to pass the time.

She opened the book and began reading. Amid giggles and comments, we slowly got through the book. We were all thinking about how, in a few hours, we would be getting the chance to try out these things. Sex was on all our minds. I was hard and there was no denying it. My dick was getting uncomfortably large in the confines of my shorts. I caught my wife looking over at my lap. She smiled and raised her eyebrows. She leaned over and whispered, “Enjoying the book?” I nodded. “Me, too. I can’t wait until later.” She straightened up and we listened attentively to our friend in the back seat.

Lisa read, skimming forwards and backwards through the book, selecting passages that looked interesting or funny. Comments of “That sounds interesting” and “I never thought of doing it that way” and even “Ooh, that sounds good” were frequent. Once, while checking the rear view mirror, I noticed that Lisa’s nipples were visible through her thin top. Apparently Megan and I weren’t the only ones affected by the book.

The girls were dressed lightly for the hot summer day. Expecting sex, Lisa probably wasn’t wearing a bra. I wondered if she was even wearing panties and my dick got even harder. I tried to imagine what she looked like naked. Megan and I had discussed fantasies that included Lisa. It was once while talking about this that Megan told me Lisa was a natural blonde. Her pubic hair was as light as the wheat colored hair on her head. This fascinated me, a fact that had not been missed by my wife.

Megan undid her seat belt and slid closer to me. She put her left hand on my bare thigh, and then slid it up over my shorts. Glancing sideways at me, she gave me a little smile and licked her lips as her hand slipped under the leg of my shorts. A groan slipped uncontrolled past my lips.

"Hey, what are you two doing up there, anyway? You’re supposed to be driving," Lisa said with a grin.

"I’m trying to drive, but it’s hard –” I started to answer but Megan cut me off.

"Yeah, it’s hard alright," she reported as her hand went under the leg band of my underwear and squeezed the end of my dick.

"I started to say that it’s hard to drive when someone is distracting me,” I tried again.

Lisa was now looking over the front seat and saw where Megan’s hand was.

"Hey, no fair. I don’t have one of those to play with," Lisa whined.

"You’ll get yours soon enough," Megan countered, as she continued to squeeze.

Realizing that Lisa didn’t mind what Megan was doing to me right in front of her, just that she couldn’t do the same thing in the back seat, almost pushed me over the edge. Breathing deeply, I warned Megan, “If you don’t stop, there’s going to be a mess to clean up, unless you’re planning on swallowing all of it.”

Megan laughed as she answered, “In the car? Only after dark.” She looked right at Lisa and winked. I almost came right there. Megan withdrew her hand, but Lisa noticed her fingers had some of my precum smeared on it. Megan saw Lisa’s reaction and licked her fingers clean to tease her friend. Lisa moaned in frustration.

"Want a taste? " Megan teased, holding up her hand in front of Lisa’s face.

Lisa laughed and said, “Nah, I think I’ll wait for mine.” She moved against the back seat again, then added, “But if you don’t behave yourselves, you’ll drive me to masturbate back here.”

"Don’t let me stop you," I suggested. That brought a fresh round of giggles.

"Geesh, get a room, you two," Lisa lamented with frustration tingeing her voice.

"We’re going to, as soon as we get there," Megan answered. "How much further?"

"Another two hours," I replied. "Getting anxious?"

"We all are," came the response from the back seat.

"Maybe we should change the subject to ease the frustration," Megan offered. "Read some more to us."

"Yeah, that’s what we need. More Dr. Ruth," Lisa said as we all laughed. In spite of that, she continued reading.

By the time we arrived at the hotel, the car contained three very horny people who couldn’t wait to get started fucking. That was, after all, what this trip was all about. Sure, there was the beach and all that, but we were really all looking forward to spending a few days (and nights) in our hotel rooms just being couples. I felt a little sorry for Lisa. Megan and I were going to hop into bed as soon as we checked in. Lisa would have to wait a few hours for Tim to arrive. I suspected that if he didn’t arrive soon, Lisa was going to take matters into her own hands until he got there.

Parking in front of the lobby, I got out of the car and stretched. The girls followed suit and we walked through the glass doors of the lobby. We were greeted by a crowd. It was a holiday weekend, after all. By the looks of things, the hotel was going to be sold out. I was glad we had made our reservations well in advance. We joined the mob and waited our turns checking in. As we moved closer to the desk, I ended up in one line while Lisa ended up in another line a little further over. The desk clerks appeared overworked and frustrated. It had to be difficult to remain pleasant when confronted with a mob that only grew no matter how fast you worked to reduce it.

My clerk was a pleasantly attractive young lady with Amy on her nametag. She was trying hard to smile; it was obvious. I stepped up when it was my turn, smiled, and said, “Hi, Amy. I have a reservation.” Then I paused and thought about what I said. “I guess you’ve heard that before.” She smiled, too tired to laugh, but she was sweet.

"Yes, we’re busy today."

"It will end, and we will all be in our rooms, leaving you alone."

"The worst part is check-in for holiday weekends, like this. What is your name?"

I told her and she consulted her computer. “Yes, I have it. You had requested a connecting room with another guest, I see. I’m not sure if we can manage that. We’re all full.”

About that time, I sensed Megan tensing up at my side. I looked up and saw her looking at Lisa – who was looking very upset.

"I’m going to go see what’s wrong," Megan told me without looking back and started pushing through the crowd to her friend’s side.

I looked back to Amy and took care of checking in. She was having trouble with the connecting room. About the time she sighed and looked up, I noticed Lisa making a scene in front of her clerk. Lisa was crying and Megan was trying to comfort her. I couldn’t make out what was wrong with all the background noise.

Amy looked at me apologetically and said, “I’m sorry. Your friend’s reservation seems to have been removed. I can give you a room on the beach, but the other rooms around it are all assigned.”

"That’s OK. That room sounds fine. We’ll work it out. Do you know why the other reservation is gone?"

"No, it looks like it was cancelled."

I looked over, but Megan and Lisa were nowhere to be seen. Something was really wrong. At least we had one room. We’d work out the rest later. I thanked Amy, let her run my credit card and took my key cards, along with the other paperwork. Amy smiled at me as I moved aside to let the next person move up to the counter.

Once I could work my way out of the crowd, I found Megan and Lisa on a sofa near the window. Lisa was sobbing heavily and looked very angry. Megan looked concerned. I walked over and sat down next to Megan. She in turn looked over to me as I sat. She leaned over and filled me in on what had happened. Tim had left a message at the desk for Lisa. He got called back to work so he wouldn’t be meeting her at the hotel. After Lisa read the note, the clerk asked if she was still checking in and she replied, “Hell, no!” before storming away. I looked at Megan. She read the expression on my face correctly.

"I don’t know what to do, either."

"Let’s go to our room. It’s more private and more comfortable."

Lisa wasn’t in a mood to do anything, but she let Megan lead her back to the car. They rode together in the back seat as I drove around to our room. I parked and got out to open the room. Megan came up to me as I was unlocking the door.

"Lisa is really pissed with Tim right now. She is saying she wants to go home." I looked directly at Megan. "I know, I don’t want to drive back right now, either. She cancelled her reservation. All she can do now is stay with us."

"Megan, -"

"I don’t like it either, but what can I do? We can’t have her sleeping in the car."

"Well, I doubt she’ll find another room anywhere near here, what with the holiday and all. I guess she can stay with us." I opened the door. The cool interior was dark because the curtains were closed. It took a few moments for our eyes to adjust. "Oops."

Megan looked past me to see what I meant. The room had a table, chair, dresser, and a king size bed. One king size bed. Our eyes met.

"One bed," I said, stating the obvious.

"Yeah. That might be a problem." Megan thought for a moment. "Do you think they could move us to another room with two beds?"

"Honey, you saw the mob in the lobby. The lady said they are booked solid through the holiday. There are no more rooms in the inn."

"Maybe Lisa can still get her room." Megan shook her head. "No, she’s in no state to stay by herself tonight. We’ll just have to share the bed."

"That could get interesting," I replied.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, what kind of pajamas did you bring?" I asked my wife.

She opened her mouth to answer, then broke into a shy grin. “Just lingerie. And not much of it.”

"Uh-huh. That’s more than I brought. We came here to have sex. I’ll bet Lisa packed the same way."

It didn’t take long for the implication to sink in. Megan caught my eye and asked, “How do you feel about that?”

"I guess we don’t have much choice. We’re going to get to know each other a lot better over the next few days." Now I was grinning. "It could be fun," I added as I raised my eyebrows.

"We’ll manage," Megan said. I could see uncertainty clouding her face. "We can sleep in t-shirts if we have to. Let’s move in the luggage. Then we’ll talk it over with Lisa."

Megan’s suggestion disappointed me. We were in the habit of sleeping nude together. I wasn’t pleased with how this romantic getaway was turning out.

We went back to the car. I opened the trunk and started carrying in bags while Megan and Lisa walked into the room. They were talking. I could just imagine what they were talking about. I knew what was going through my mind. Two women, one bed, no pajamas. The concern over Lisa had short-circuited my erection earlier, but these thoughts now had it back in business.

Megan and Lisa were sitting on the bed, still talking. I had all the bags inside in a few trips and closed the door. I sat in the chair facing them and drew a deep breath.

"Sorry we didn’t help with the bags," Megan offered.

"That’s alright. How’re you doing, Lisa?" At least she had stopped crying.

"I’m sorry about all the problems I’m causing. This is not how it was supposed to turn out." I held up a hand to stop her apologies. Before I could say anything, though, she continued. "This situation is OK with me, if it’s alright with you guys. I mean, we’re all friends. I’ll give you all the privacy I can." She smiled at that, and we joined in.

Megan spoke next. “We can wait for that.”

"No, you came here for a romantic getaway. I won’t take that away from you just because mine was ruined. I’ll try to not act like a chaperone. Pretend I’m not here."

"That will be hard to do," I suggested.

"I bet it’s hard after all the teasing in the car. Do you want me to leave you two alone for a while? I could go walk on the beach or something.” Lisa was trying really hard now.

I was going to agree when Megan spoke up. “That’s not necessary.” She shot me a look to kill the disappointed expression I was showing. “Later” she mouthed to me, purposely facing away from Lisa. “Let’s take a walk and check out the hotel.” Megan gave me a hard look that told me I really wanted to take a walk with them.

The three of us went back outside, into the warm sunny afternoon. The parking lot was filled of guests arriving and unpacking. We avoided the mob in the lobby and walked a little way down the street, taking note of the shops, restaurants and bars in walking distance. Lisa seemed to calm down a lot on the walk. It did her some good, which did all of us some good. We returned to the hotel where we could see the beach through a breezeway.

Lisa turned to face us. “Guys, I’m really sorry about the way I acted earlier. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. I’m going to enjoy myself. I’ll make the best of it. I’d really like for Tim to be here, but that’s just not going to happen. He’s been away before, and he’ll be away again. We can have fun without him.” She lowered her eyes, and then looked at us again. “I’ll do my best to not get in the way of your fun,” she added with a shy grin, looking directly at me.

"Let’s all get freshened up. We can go down to the beach together," Megan suggested. That made Lisa smile. I took a deep breath in relief. I could feel how the tension had eased. Nodding agreement, we headed back to the room to change.

Lisa took her bikini out of her suitcase and went into the bathroom to change. Megan removed all her clothes, and then began rummaging through our bags for bathing suits. I undressed as I watched my wife, naked, looking for something to wear. The view, coupled with the thought that Lisa was on the other side of the wall, naked as well (and maybe masturbating at that very moment to relieve the tension) had me about as hard as I could get. My dick wasn’t sticking out; it was sticking up. Megan found the suits and backed up – right into my erection. She felt it slide up her back, leaving a wet trail of precum. When she turned around, she was looking very happy.

"It seems like someone may have a problem fitting into his bathing suit,” she said, slowly looking up from my hard-on to my face. Her hand reached out to grip my shaft and I breathed deeply. If Lisa had chosen that moment to come out of the bathroom, she would have gotten quite an eyeful. Megan must have had the same thought, because she looked in the direction of the bathroom door before continuing. “I have a feeling Lisa will be in there a few minutes, now that she has calmed down. We should have just enough time to do take care of your problem.” I opened my mouth to speak, but couldn’t think of anything appropriate to add. Megan sank to her knees in front of me and kissed the tip of my dick. As her lips pulled back, the ample supply of precum at the tip formed a strand connecting her lips to my dick. She stuck out her tongue and licked. I groaned and staggered backwards. She smiled, then opened her mouth and sucked my dick inside.

I couldn’t believe I was getting a blowjob from my wife while her friend was getting dressed only a few feet away! Any minute, the door was going to open and Lisa was going to walk into the room. Lisa was going to see us both naked and my dick in Megan’s mouth. The thought only drove me closer to an orgasm that was already not far away. After all the teasing in the car, I had been ready to shoot before Megan even touched me.

I was so focused on Megan sucking my dick that I never noticed the doorknob turn, or the door start to open. The door didn’t open far, just enough so Lisa was able to see us in the space between the door hinges. I didn’t realize until later that we were being watched.

I tensed up, my dick preparing to shoot off in my wife’s mouth. I was past the point of no return. Megan looked up at me with my dick still in her mouth. No matter what happened, I was going to cum. If Lisa chose this moment to interrupt us and I tried to pull out of Megan’s mouth, there was going to be sperm all over my wife and the bedspread. I’m sure Megan felt my dick throbbing and realized that.

Thoughts of Lisa nearby put images in my head of Lisa changing. I imagined what it must look like in the bathroom, with her naked in front of the big mirror. That did it. My cock throbbed and squirted. Megan was on her knees and swallowing. That was when I saw Megan’s expression change. Her eyes were now trying to look at the door. I turned to see what had alarmed her. I saw the door was ajar. There was light coming through the crack between the door and the frame. When my eyes focused, I could partially see Lisa standing behind the door. She was watching us. She was watching me get a blowjob.

Lisa apparently didn’t realize we could see her. She just stood there and watched, silent. I had fantasized about her sometimes when I masturbated, but I had never cum while looking at her. Certainly never while she was watching me cum. The novelty of the situation intensified my orgasm. My knees buckled. I finished shooting off and pulled out of Megan’s mouth. Megan swallowed one last time and looked up at me. Lisa saw we were finished and moved away from the crack in the door. Megan stood and thanked me, kissing me after she finished swallowing. She smelled of sperm but I didn’t care. I kissed her back, thanking her for what she had just done for me. We didn’t have a chance to even start getting dressed when Lisa opened the door the rest of the way and stepped out. I was oblivious to the fact that Lisa was now looking at my dick. I was trying to figure out an excuse why I was standing there naked. The only coherent thought I could gather was that looking at Lisa was making me hard again. “Lisa, I’m so sorry. We thought you, I mean, uh, … Megan?”

It probably sounded even less coherent than that.

Megan seemed to be better than me at taking it all in stride when she spoke up. “We thought you were going to be busy in the bathroom a while longer. Sorry.”

Lisa blushed then. “Well, … I was busy. If I had known you guys were doing something, I would have taken longer.”

I was slow, or the women were using some kind of female code, because I didn’t catch on right away. Then, I GOT IT.


Lisa made an embarrassed giggle in response to what I had said.

"Well, it’s not like I was the only one trying to cum," she accused.

I couldn’t argue with that. Megan handed me my bathing suit and I started to put it on. I pulled it up, but I was now so hard that my dick stuck up above the waistband of my suit. Lisa was watching me, making me harder. She slowly looked up from the tip of my exposed cock to my eyes.

"You’ll get in trouble if you go out like that," she warned with a warm smile and a single raised eyebrow.

Megan countered with, “I did my part.”

"Yes, you did. You did it very well," was my answer.

I tried to bend my dick and push it down into my suit. It didn’t want to bend. It was uncomfortable like that, and the bulge it made was quite obvious.

Lisa spoke next, her words catching me off guard.

"So, do we leave him alone to take care of his own problem, or is it my turn?"

My mouth gaped open and my heart pounded at the thought of what Lisa was suggesting. I think if my dick had still been sticking out, the women would have seen it grow further, probably accompanied by a drop of precum appearing at the tip.

Megan defused the situation by asking me, “Don’t you have to pee or something?”

I did have to, so I went into the bathroom. I could hear Lisa laughing behind me. The excitement was wearing off so I was able to pee after only a minute or so. I didn’t have to jack off because peeing made me lose my erection. I made a point of not thinking about Lisa so I could get my dick back into my suit. When I came back into the room, Lisa and my wife were talking quietly. Megan saw me coming out of the bathroom and whispered, “Later,” ending the conversation.

"Are you ready to go to the beach?" I asked, seeing that whatever they had been discussing they had no intention of sharing with me.

We headed out of the door on the other side of the room, which opened onto the beach. Outside it was sunny and warm and there was already a large crowd on the beach. It appeared to be mostly college students, so the long weekend would probably be rather rowdy. We walked along the concrete path to the edge of the sand, the sounds of partying all around us. I enjoyed the view of so many scantily clad women. Megan must have noticed me taking in the scenery because she took my hand and held it tightly. She wanted me to remember whom I was with. No danger of that. I was very in much love with my wife. I was just looking.

We set out towels on the sand near the water’s edge. We lay out in the sun a while and swam from time to time to cool off. It seemed like Lisa was a lot calmer now so maybe this trip wouldn’t turn out so badly after all.

As sunset approached, talk turned to dinner. We decided we’d get dressed and walk around to find someplace that looked good. We were hungry but beyond that no one had anything particular in mind. Back at the room, Lisa offered for Megan and I to use the shower first. Ordinarily, it might have been awkward for the two of us to shower together with Lisa there, but we had shared so many of the details of our sex lives (especially today) that there was little left to hide. Lisa knew we showered together and most times slept in the nude. On the other hand, I knew how often Lisa masturbated and how much she liked her rabbit vibrator. I wondered if she had brought it along on the trip.

Megan and I were soon naked in the bathroom. I watched my wife in the mirror as she bent over to start the shower. With her bent over, I could see her pussy lips framed by her thighs and the sight was quickly making me hard. I loved looking covertly as my wife’s body. I could clearly see her slit, with the lips covered by wisps of brown hair. The blowjob from earlier had done little to quell all my desires. Megan stood up and turned around. In the mirror, she could see the effect her body had on me. I watched as she walked up to me and put her arms around me. When I felt her breasts press into my back, I groaned. I could also feel the hair above her pussy against my ass. My dick jumped a little. Megan gave a little laugh when she saw that. Her hands dropped lower to caress my hardon.

"Mmm, I like doing this," she told me as she gently stroked.

"You’ll get no complaints from me," I assured her.

"Hey, no fair. At least you got something earlier. I haven’t gotten anything all day. I was so horny on the beach.”

"Want me to take care of that right now?" I offered.

"Let’s get cleaned up first. I’m all sweaty but I’m sure you can think of something to do to me in the shower."

We turned around and got in the shower. She was in front of me this time. As I put my arms around her to caress her tits, my dick poked into her ass. I squatted a little so it could slide between her legs, rubbing as it did against her pussy.

"I said you could have me after I got clean.”

"I’m not pushing. I’m just getting comfortable," I told her.

"Uh-huh. You’re getting pretty comfortable."

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked, emphasizing the point by sliding my dick back and forth against her hairy lips.

"Oh, no," she assured me, her voice slow and dreamy. "Don’t stop."

I heard the washcloth she had been lathering fall to the bottom of the tub with a wet plop. I reached around her and opened her lips so my dick could slide between her lips. She moaned. With both arms around my wife, I held the end of my dick firmly against her pussy with my left hand and used my right to play with her clit.

"This is so nice," she said in a dreamy voice. "Don’t think you’re getting off easy, though. I’m going to want the real thing tonight."

"That should be interesting with Lisa in bed next to us," I commented.

"We’ll work something out. I’m not going all week without sex."

"Good. I was getting worried."

Megan’s hand replaced mine on the head of my dick, holding the shaft firmly against her wet lips.

"We’ll have to wait until she is asleep. Or maybe we can convince her to take a walk."

"Given the pajama situation, we’ll probably all be seeing each other naked this week anyway. I say we just go for it. She can go outside if she wants to."

Megan laughed, though she pressed my dick harder against her. “I don’t know if I can fuck with my best friend watching.” Her voice didn’t sound like she was totally convinced. She leaned forward. “Oh, just fuck me right here. Put it in now.”

I had no problem complying with a request like that. She was so wet inside that I entered easily, filling her with my length.

"I’ve wanted this all day," Megan said in a sort of moan. "Ever since Lisa started reading that book out loud."

I cut off any further conversation when I grabbed my wife by the hips and started thrusting harder. She was moaning loudly now but I didn’t care. If Lisa could hear us, I’m sure it would be no surprise what we were doing. She was probably masturbating anyway. When that thought hit me, I suddenly started to cum. It was too late to stop it so I instead diddled Megan’s clit as hard as I could. I hoped I could make her cum with me. She was so worked up that she did cum with me. I leaned into her and pumped her full of my sperm. After the teasing all day, and in spite of the blowjob, it felt so good cumming inside her. When I finished spurting, I just held myself as deeply inside her as I could.

"What made you cum so fast?" Megan asked when she had caught her breath.

I didn’t know how to answer. The fear of getting caught made my dick shrink faster inside her pussy. Megan didn’t miss the clue.

"Feeling nervous?"

Actually, I was feeling panicked. How do I tell my wife I came so fast because I was fantasizing about her best friend masturbating?

"I’ll bet you were thinking about Lisa", she accused.

Since I was no longer hard, Megan easily pulled off me and turned around. I tried to look as innocent as possible. She kissed me and said, “It’s OK. She’s probably thinking about you right now. She was so horny all afternoon and she knows she’ll be sharing a bed with us tonight.”

I relaxed a little.

"I’ll say this, Lisa sure made you cum fast."

Hearing Megan say that only added to the naughtiness. She kissed me again.

I hugged my wife, trying to recover some shred of my dignity. “It was only a thought of her. It was the feel of your body surrounding my dick that made me cum.”

"Good save," she told me with a sly smile. I felt a little relieved. "Now let’s get out there and fool around some more while Lisa showers."

I just grinned as I got out of the shower and dried off. I wrapped the towel around my waist. Anxious to get started on that “fooling around” Megan promised, I quickly walked out of the bathroom to tell Lisa the shower was free. Right after I opened the door, I heard Lisa yell, “Shit!” I stepped around the corner to see a surprised look on her face, a mixture of fear and shock.

"Are you alright?" I asked her.

"Yeah, I’m fine," she said hesitatingly. Her right hand was obviously trying to hide something under the pillow. Her left hand was at her crotch, pulling the thin strip of her bikini bottom into the middle. I caught a fleeting glimpse of light colored pubic hair. So she had been masturbating after all.

I smiled a sly grin and told her, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt anything.”

She blushed and tried unsuccessfully to act like nothing was going on. She headed to the bathroom, bumping into Megan who was also wearing just a towel.

"Are you OK?" Megan asked her.

"I’m fine. Gary just surprised me."

The door closed behind her as Megan gave me one of those, “What was all that about?” looks.

I explained. “I think I caught her doing a little fooling around of her own.”

"Ohh," Megan said meaningfully.

"It must be hard on her with Tim not being here."

"Yeah, I feel for her." Then her expression changed from wistful to naughty as she continued with, "Just because she’s doing without doesn’t mean we have to." As my wife spoke these last few words, she released her towel. The sudden motion caught my attention, causing me to follow the towel with my eyes as it sank to the floor. I immediately ran my eyes back up her legs. What I saw put a big smile on my face.

Megan lay back against the bed, spreading her legs. “Make it quick. We have to get dressed before she gets out of the shower.”

I shucked my own towel and crawled onto the bed between Megan’s legs. As my cock entered her still wet pussy, she stretched out her arms and gave a heavy sigh.

"That feels sooo –" she started to say. Suddenly, she exclaimed, "What the hell?" Her right hand had found something under the pillow. When her hand reappeared, it was holding a dildo.

"That must be what Lisa was trying to hide when I walked in," I mused. Then a less pleasant thought crossed my mind. "I certainly hope it wasn’t left by the previous guests."

"Not a chance," Megan answered quickly. "It’s Lisa’s. Trust me.”

"Ewww," I said, drawing out the sound.

"You don’t say that when you touch me," my wife told me.

"That’s different."

"Uh-huh," was all she said as she started to slide the dildo back under the pillow. Then, "I think I’ll leave it out for her," she said. She left the dildo on the bedspread in front of the pillow and put her arms around me. "Now, make it quick. We don’t want to get caught like Lisa did." She would have laughed if I hadn’t started slamming into her so quickly. This was going to be a quickie. It didn’t matter. We were so worked up that we both came in minutes. As we were smiling into each other’s eyes and panting to catch our breath, the shower turned off.

"Time to get dressed," Megan said, pushing me off her. I retrieved her towel from the floor as I stood up. I tossed it to her and used mine to wipe off the remains of our lovemaking from my dick. She did the same to her pussy and we quickly started dressing. We had finished by the time the bathroom door opened. Lisa stepped out and I was trying to watch her face without her realizing what I was doing. She froze when she saw the bed. It wasn’t how the bedspread was rumpled in the middle that caught her attention. It was her dildo in plain view. She blushed and wouldn’t look my way.

"I think you lost something," Megan said over her shoulder as she tried not to laugh out loud.

"How do you know it’s mine?" Lisa tried to cover.

"Because it was still wet," Megan told her.

Lisa looked crushed. There was no denying what she had been doing. She tried to crawl onto the bed to retrieve her toy with as much dignity as she could muster. She was wearing only a towel and holding a dildo as she stood. She looked me in the eye defiantly now, saying, “Well, it’s not fair. You two have each other. This is all I’ll get all week.”

"That’s alright. I understand." Megan was really trying to make her feel better now. "If the situation were reversed, I’d be doing the same thing." Lisa’s expression relaxed. Megan still got one more jab in. "Only, I’d pick it up when I finished with it."

"I would have if your husband hadn’t walked in on me." Lisa stuffed the dildo in her suitcase and took her clothes back to the bathroom to get dressed. Once the door closed, we burst out laughing. "I heard that," Lisa called out loudly through the door.

Megan turned to me. “I really can’t blame her.”

"It doesn’t bother me, either, that she was doing that."

"Do you really feel that way, Gary?" Megan asked. I nodded. She put her arms around my neck as she bit her lower lip in thought, like she was deciding whether to speak her next words. "You know this bed situation will be interesting when we get back here tonight. I’ve been thinking…"

"You’ve been thinking, huh?" I knew that look. "When you look like that, you’re up to something, and it’s usually naughty."

"I’ve been thinking,” Megan began again, giving me a hard look but smiling, “that we should just drop all the pretenses. Tonight, when we go to bed, you and I should just go ahead and make love. Lisa can masturbate if she wants. I don’t mind if she watches us.”

I was surprised by Megan’s bold suggestion. I had suggested it in the shower, but hearing Megan say it, that she was seriously considering it, made it real. We had talked rather freely with Lisa about sex, but up to now it had always been just talk. We had never done anything in front of her, or in front of anyone else for that matter. I’m a man. The idea appealed to me. A lot. I looked into Megan’s eyes and raised my eyebrows. “Are you sure you are OK with Lisa and I seeing each other nude?” My voice was just a whisper.

"Yes, I am. Are you?" my lovely wife asked me.

I didn’t have to think about it. I had fantasized about Lisa many times in the past. The thought of finally seeing her undressed was getting me hard again. It was slow because of the two times we had just made love, but I was slowly becoming erect. Fucking Megan and knowing Lisa was watching, knowing it was turning her on, knowing she was looking at me and masturbating, only added to the eroticism. I said just one word.


Megan smiled at my answer. She walked the two steps to press her body against mine, her arms sliding around my neck. She pulled her body against mine hard. She started to kiss me, but stopped and instead said, “Ohhh, you’re getting hard at the thought of this.” I could see she was trying to think something else through, but she kissed me instead of sharing it with me. It was a kiss full of passion, a promise of what was to come later that night. As Lisa watched.

"Hey, you can’t do that. I don’t have one of those." Lisa had caught us again. As our lips slowly parted, I was thinking how she was going to be seeing a lot more than kissing in a few hours. Lisa was grinning when I turned to see her. "You’re going to make me do something if you keep that up." We all knew what she was referring to. Megan defused the sexual tension by saying how she was hungry. With that, we were all ready so we walked out of the room.

There was a restaurant a short walk from the hotel. With the large holiday crowd in town, the streets were bumper to bumper – not to mention the difficulty parking – so we walked to dinner. The street was clogged with college students cruising the strip. We were walking faster than the traffic was moving. While we walked, Megan and Lisa were leaning their heads together and talking about something. Their words were just a little too quiet for me to make out what they were saying. We made it to the restaurant in about five minutes. As I had suspected, the parking lot was crowded. There would be only a short wait for a table as many of the customers appeared to be heading for the bar instead of dinner. I found seats for the three of us in the waiting area. Megan told me to order drinks for her and Lisa, then shepherded Lisa off to the restroom. It was a warm night so I ordered piña coladas for all of us. The drinks arrived before the women got back. I wondered what women did for so long in there, and why they always did it in pairs. Finally, they returned and we enjoyed our drinks while waiting for a table. When our turn came, we were seated at a window overlooking the beach. There was a full moon that night so we had a view of the surf.

We chatted about a variety of non-important things during dinner, avoiding talk of sex because we were in public. Lisa did pointedly suggest oysters for me but I declined. When dinner was over, I think all three of us felt a tension. Going to bed was already established as interesting, but it was still early. Megan suggested we walk back to the hotel along the beach. It was a warm romantic night and we were not in any hurry. We walked out the back of the restaurant to the packed wet sand at the water’s edge. I put my arms around Megan from behind and kissed her just below her earlobe. That always made her shiver with delight and tonight was no exception. I whispered into her ear that I couldn’t wait to get her to bed, certain that Lisa wouldn’t hear me over the sound of the surf. We started back to the hotel, Megan and I holding hands and Lisa on my right. Megan had taken off her shoes and was carrying them in her left hand, the waves softly kissing her feet. We didn’t say anything on the walk. We just enjoyed the view of the moon over the water, the sound of the waves crashing on the sand and the smells of the ocean. From time to time, music could be heard over the waves as we passed an occasional bar. It probably took us about fifteen minutes to walk slowly back to the hotel. On the walk, I was thinking about Megan. I was also thinking about undressing in front of Lisa. When we turned right to go up to the hotel, I was again hard at the prospects of what was about to come.

I unlocked the door and opened it as I turned on the light. Lisa stepped in behind me but Megan had stopped outside to brush sand off her feet.

"The moment of truth," Lisa said nervously.

"Truth?" I asked.

Lisa smiled, but her uncertainty showed. “The sleeping arrangements,” she explained.

"Mmhm," I answered.

Megan came in and tossed her shoes towards our suitcase on the floor. She fell back onto the bed, her white dress arrayed around her like an angelic glow. Forgetting for a moment that we had an audience, I lay on top of her and kissed her. She instinctively spread her legs. My legs slid between hers, pressing my erection harder against her pussy.

"Shouldn’t you get undressed first to do that?" asked Lisa, trying to sound innocent.

Megan and I opened our eyes. I was going to laugh but Megan looked serious. I felt her taking a deep breath. “If we’re going to do this, let’s just do it,” she whispered to me. Now butterflies invaded my stomach. It was really going to happen. I got up in answer and held out a hand to her. She stood and moved in front of me. As I unzipped her dress, she looked at Lisa and began the speech she had probably been rehearsing throughout dinner.

"Lisa, we know things didn’t turn out as you expected this weekend. I’m sorry, we’re both sorry. We know you probably came here like us, without much in the way of pajamas because you were planning to be having sex all week. Now," she took another deep breath before continuing. "It’s time for bed. Gary and I are going to sleep naked, and we are going to make love. Feel free to sleep however you want. You can watch us if you want, or turn away. We’re still going to have sex, either way. It won’t bother us if you watch. It won’t bother us if you masturbate in front of us. If watching bothers you, you can take a walk or wait in the bathroom."

Lisa looked shocked at Megan’s words, but the shock wore off quickly. When I finished unzipping Megan’s dress, I slid my hands under the material and pushed it off her shoulders. From the back, I noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra, only panties, under the dress. Lisa’s look of shock turned to something else when my wife’s dress fell to the floor. I couldn’t figure out what because at that moment Megan turned around, pressing her soft skin against me, and began undressing me. When a beautiful nearly naked woman starts undressing me, rational thought goes out the window. When it’s my wife, the most beautiful woman in the world, the woman I love more than anything else, all other thoughts fall by the wayside just like her clothes. I ran my hands over her bare back as she unbuttoned my polo shirt. When she grabbed the hem, I lifted my arms to allow her to remove the shirt. Tossing it aside, her eyes met mine with a grin as she sank to her knees. She deftly unbuckled my belt and undid my pants. She sensually slid her hands inside the sides of my pants, over my briefs, as she pushed my pants down. One of her hands slid around to the front to pass over my growing erection as the other pushed my pants to my ankles. I tried stepping out of them but they were caught on my feet.

Megan realized my difficulty and left my hardon to use both hands to get me out of my pants. When she did, she grabbed me by the cheeks of my ass and pressed her face to my dick, kissing me through the cloth. I throbbed. It was then I remembered we had an audience. I looked up, away from Megan’s face, to see Lisa caressing one breast through her shirt. She had been intently watching what Megan was doing so she didn’t notice I was now watching her.

Lisa moved her other hand over her crotch and slid it back and forth, up and down her slit. I was doubly assaulted – by Megan’s mouth trying to reach my dick through my underwear and by the sight of Lisa playing with herself. My mind cleared when I felt Megan’s fingers inside the waistband of the only piece of clothes I was still wearing. She was pulling down my underwear. The moment of truth – I was about to be completely naked in front of Lisa. With scarcely a moment to think about it, I felt Megan finish undressing me. My erection sprang free, announcing its presence to the world as it stuck out like a flagpole. Lisa’s eyes widened a little. I saw her tongue stick out just a little and lick her lips. Her nipples were just barely noticeable beneath her soft cotton shirt and I could see her breathing had deepened.

Megan licked the tip of my dick, tasting the precum gathering there. The touch of her tongue to my erection was like an electric current. I let out a moan, a moan that was echoed involuntarily by Lisa. The silence now broken, Lisa spoke softly.

"Is it good?" she asked.

"Oh, yesss," Megan answered, a strand of precum that had joined her lips to my cock breaking free as she moved her mouth to speak. She leaned forward, taking my shaft into her mouth. I had watched Megan giving me a blowjob countless times. I was at that moment more interested in watching what Lisa was doing. She was actively groping one of her breasts now. The other hand had been rubbing harder and harder against her pussy. Now she slid it under the waistband and into her pants, without even undoing the waistband. I couldn’t tell if her hand was inside or outside of her panties, but the expression on her face told me her fingers were rubbing her lips. At first I was shocked that Lisa was touching herself in front of me. Then I realized that I was standing naked in front of her, getting a blowjob.

Megan released my dick with a final kiss and stood. She looked at me but I was still in such a daze that it took me a moment to realize what she wanted.

"Oh, yeah," I smiled, sinking to my knees. I found myself facing her pussy, the panties starting to show a wet spot between her legs. She was so beautiful, wearing only that one garment. I kissed her slit through her panties, inhaling the fragrance of her juices. Lisa now all but forgotten, I turned my attention to the woman in front of me, the love of my life. I wanted nothing else at that moment other than to give her pleasure. With my lips still pressed against her pussy, I pulled her panties down. The elastic waistband moved across my lips like a rubber band, leaving my lips pressed against her dark brown bush. I could feel the texture of the fine curly hairs and I could smell her wetness. I tentatively pressed my tongue into her slit, parting her lips, as my hands finished pushing her skimpy panties down her legs. I felt her step out of them as I started licking up between her lips. She was wet, really wet. I wasn’t sure if it was because she wanted to be fucked so badly or because Lisa was watching, but she really wanted it. I used my fingers now to part her lips fully so my tongue could push into her hole. The smell and taste of her juices was overwhelming. My thought at that point was that the juices flowing out of her were her gift to me, her love for me pouring out into my mouth.

I felt Megan’s hands on my head. They weren’t pressing me harder against her. They were pulling up on me. I looked up, still feeling the curly hair against my face, and she breathily said, “I need you to fuck me. Now.” Her words were insistent and I certainly wasn’t going to deny her that pleasure. Or me.

I stood, but she was already moving onto the bed as I was standing. She slid backwards onto the bed until her head was on the pillow. She spread her legs for me as I crawled into position on top of her. Her hand was between her legs, guiding my dick to the place it knew so well. I moved lower, onto her body, as I felt my dick insert into her warm, moist channel. Our bodies were coming together at a point where they fit so perfectly. At this point, I didn’t care if we were being watched. There was only Megan and I, joining together as one in this ultimate expression of love. The feeling of being next to her, inside her, as close as we could become, was the nicest thing in the world. This wasn’t having sex. This was making love. I looked into Megan’s eyes, seeing my passion mirrored there. When a motion caught my eye, I looked over and saw something I was unprepared for.

Lisa’s clothes were in a pile on the floor and she was leaning against the frame of the bathroom door. Her legs were spread a little and one hand was between her legs; the other hand held something I couldn’t see. I was seeing her naked for the first time. I loved Megan, but I lusted for Lisa. I can’t deny that. She was young, trim and blonde. She was very cute. She wasn’t someone I was in love with, but it was fun to look at her. She saw me watching her and smiled. She moved to the bed and settled into a spot right next to us. She put a pillow against the headboard with her left hand, then leaned back against it and spread her legs. At that moment I could finally see what she had been carrying in her right hand – the dildo I had found earlier in the bed. She was going to use it while she watched us. I was surprised, but curious. I had never even seen one before that day. Now I was going to watch a woman use one. Lisa positioned it at her opening.

"Don’t you need some lubricant with that?" Megan asked. She had apparently been watching Lisa as well.

Lisa smiled and turned slowly to regard us. “That’s not a problem. Watching you has made me wet enough.” She turned back to her pussy, pressing the plastic head against her lips and moved it around a little, wetting the tip. She reached down to a red knob at the base and twisted it. The dildo, or should I say the vibrator, began buzzing. As she pushed it up into her, her head lay back onto the pillow. She didn’t lift her head, but instead turned her head to look at us. It appeared that she was having as much fun as we were. Her hips began thrusting up, at about the same pace as ours. I could see that the dildo was glistening with her juices as it came out, before plunging back in. I was fascinated with watching the lifelike shaft penetrate her blonde-haired lips.

I felt Megan’s hands caressing my ass and knew I should pay more attention to the woman I was making love to at the moment. She was smiling when I turned and focused on her.

"I thought you might have forgotten about me," she said pleasantly.

"Not a chance. I was just looking. I know who I’m supposed to be inside of."

"Good, don’t forget it."

In answer, I began thrusting more vigorously, causing her to grunt on the in strokes. I wanted to last a long time, to really impress Lisa with my stamina. Alas, it wasn’t to be. I could have handled the feeling of Megan’s pussy around my dick. I could have even handled the sounds she was making in response to my dick. What I couldn’t take was having Lisa there. The buzzing of her vibrator kept reminding me we were not alone. The novelty of being watched had a definite effect on me. Whenever I looked her way, I saw Lisa’s blue eyes watching me intently. On top of that, she had such a sweet way of moaning as her own orgasm approached. And, I have to admit, a few thoughts of sexual contact with Lisa did creep into my mind. As much as I love Megan, I couldn’t keep thoughts of Lisa away. All of this was just too much. Far sooner that I had hoped, I felt my dick throbbing. I was approaching the point of no return. I was planning to slow down my thrusting, maybe even change position for a while. Then, Lisa gave a great moan. Megan and I both looked her way. I saw her shove the vibrator deep inside her pussy and hold it there with her right hand while her left was a blur across her clit. Lisa’s orgasm triggered mine and I was helpless to stop it. All I could do was thrust as deeply into Megan as I could, and squirt. I reached underneath her and dug my fingernails into her ass cheeks as I came harder than I had in a long time. Maybe it was Lisa being there. Maybe it was knowing Lisa was cumming at the same time. Maybe it was watching Lisa using her dildo. Whatever it was, it was good – for me. Megan loves feeling me cum inside her, but it was too soon for her to cum. I was spent but she wasn’t quite there yet.

"Aww," she said in desperation when she felt my spurts. She knew I was done. "I didn’t get to cum," she continued, realizing she was the only one in the room who had been denied an orgasm. I was lying on top of her, our faces inches apart. We were both panting and I could feel the incredible wetness of her pussy surrounding my softening cock. At that moment, I longed for her to cum. I would do anything to make her feel what I had just enjoyed, what Lisa and I had just enjoyed. Megan looked at me. Maybe there was a twinkle in her eye, or it was the pleading in her voice, or maybe the guilt I felt for taking so much enjoyment from her body and not giving her as much. “Gary, please eat me.”

Ordinarily, I love to go down on Megan. I love eating pussy. I love the taste, the smell, the sight of her pussy. I love looking up from between her legs and seeing the orgasm wash across her face as she plays with her tits. But now, with her pussy full of my sperm, I wasn’t so sure. What would it taste like? She had tasted my dick before, right after it came out of her pussy. She had to be tasting her own juices. Now she was asking me to taste my sperm as it leaked out of her. My wife was asking me to do the same. I should also taste her juices, but the thought of eating sperm was turning me off. Looking at Megan, I could see the sexual frustration in her eyes. I hated letting her down like that, especially because thoughts of Lisa made me cum so fast. There was only one thing I could do – one thing I had to do. I took a deep breath as I pulled my now soft dick out of her and positioned myself in front of her pussy.

I was getting excited again just by being so close to her open cunt. Then I saw the white remains of my ejaculation start to slip out between her lips. It’s mine, I told myself. If I expected her to taste it when she gave me a blowjob, the least I can do is taste a little of it myself. I looked up at her face, seeing anticipation. That did it. I loved my wife more than I feared tasting my own cum. I pressed my face into her wet lips. The scent was definitely her, but there was also a trace of sperm. I almost had to force myself, but I extended my tongue and made contact. I had kissed her a few times after I came in her mouth, after she had swallowed. That taste was here, in her pussy, where my dick had just been. I stopped thinking about sperm and concentrated on pussy. I focused on what I was doing for Megan and moved my tongue against her most intimate parts. She instantly enjoyed my tongue running over her clit. She wasn’t that far from orgasm, in spite of the pause. I moved my tongue lower, between her slippery lips, to her opening. I could feel a lot of wetness coming out of there. I sucked it into my mouth and swallowed. The taste was definitely sperm, but flavored with her. It wasn’t as bad as I expected. I didn’t gag, and I didn’t choke. It was just a different taste. I knew what I was tasting but I wouldn’t let myself dwell on that. I was thinking about what I was doing for Megan. I concentrated more on the feel of her pussy than the taste. She was moaning now and moving her hips. I felt pride at what I was doing for her. I was going to give her the orgasm she deserved – the one I had denied her. I slid my hands beneath her ass, tilting her pelvis up slightly. Each time my tongue moved up to her clit, I could look over her bush and see her face. The sight warmed my heart. She was starting to cum, enjoying herself totally. That encouraged me and I moved back lower with even more vigor. I really got into it. I could still detect my own flavor, but I was thinking of what I was doing for her.

Her legs clamped tightly around my head and she lifted her pelvis off the bed as she gave a loud, drawn out, moan. Her hands, which had been fondling her breasts, were now on the back of my head. She was out of control, in the throes of an orgasm – a big one – and she only wanted my mouth to press harder against her pussy. I kept up my ministrations, careful to keep up the stimulation so I could prolong her peak. In time, the hands that had been holding me tightly suddenly pushed me away. She could take no more for now. I moved away from between her legs and got a good look at her face. She was opening her eyes and looking down at me.

"Damn. That was good." She took a deep breath, and then held her arms out to me. I moved over her and, lying fully on top of her, kissed her. I pressed my tongue into her mouth and she eagerly sucked it in. Then I realized what I must taste like, only she didn’t seem to mind tasting herself in my mouth. When our lips parted, I opened my eyes to see her smiling at me in a thoughtful way.

"You taste a little like sperm," she said. I blushed at those words. "Don’t be embarrassed. I like it."

Lisa spoke next. I think we had both forgotten she was there. Megan jumped a little at the sound of Lisa’s voice. Lisa spoke softly, almost reverently. “That was so awesome. Watching the two of you was hot. When Gary went down on you, after, I got so wet. That was so incredible, seeing him eat you out… after cumming in you.”

All three of us thought over what she had just said. It was definitely something new to all of us.

"Knowing what I must taste like made it all the more exciting," Megan added. She was looking at me, lovingly. "You did that for me. I didn’t realize what I was asking at the time. Now that I think about it, that was such an act of total and complete love."

"Now that I think about it, I can’t believe I did it," I told her.

"But the gesture was made. You did it because you love her so much. You guys have such a special relationship." Lisa licked her lips and swallowed. "Thanks for letting me watch."

When I looked over at Lisa, I realized how absurd the situation was. The three of us were naked, sharing a bed. Lisa was holding her dildo, still wet with her juices. Megan was lying before me, her legs open and her pussy visibly wet. I could feel how wet my cheeks were. Lisa was right. It wasn’t just an act between Megan and I. Lisa had shared in it by being there.

"I can’t believe we’re doing this," Megan said. There was not sadness or unhappiness in her voice. Maybe disbelief, but not regret. She gave me a smile, a soft loving smile, then turned and did the same to Lisa. "This is so right," she reassured us both. I could see she was thinking hard about something. The indecision clouded her face. She looked from Lisa to me, then her expression changed to resolve. She sat up, moved to her knees between Lisa and me, and took my hand in her left. She took Lisa’s hand in her right. She looked back and forth to each of us as she spoke.

"This is so right. The three of us sharing this moment. Three friends taking part in such a private moment." Lisa started to speak but Megan shook her head at her, stopping her. "I want us to share totally. We’re all friends, good friends." She pulled her hands together now, in the process placing my hand over Lisa’s. My palm was sweaty as I felt the skin on the back of Lisa’s hand. I had no idea where this was leading, but it didn’t seem bad. Not bad, but not somewhere I had ever been before. "Lisa watched us making love and liked it." Megan took a deep breath and looked into my eyes as she said, "I want to watch." Then she turned to look into Lisa’s eyes. "I want to see what Gary looks like when he makes love." She squeezed our hands. "I want to watch the two of you make love to each other."

Looking past Megan, I could see the expression of surprise on Lisa’s face mirrored my own. In that moment, I felt surprise, concern, fear… and excitement. I admit it. I was horny at the thought of fucking Lisa. Still, I loved Megan dearly and I didn’t want to do anything to injure our marriage, no matter how badly I wanted to do it with Lisa. I reached out with my left hand and touched Megan’s cheek, turning her face to mine.

My heart had started pounding when the realization of what Megan was saying first hit me. I had to clear my throat before I could speak. “Are you sure about this?” She smiled and nodded slowly. “Really sure? Do you realize what you’re saying? What you’re asking?”

She giggled. “Of course I do. I just asked my husband to make love to my best friend. While I watch.” Hearing her say the words made it seem all the more incredible.

"Are you sure you can handle it? I mean seeing me and Lisa, me inside her, cumming inside her?”

Megan kept smiling sweetly and nodded. Turning, she now addressed Lisa. “How do you feel about it?”

Lisa swallowed hard. Her face was flushed. “Do you really mean this?” she asked Megan, maybe asked both of us. I became concerned that she might not want to be with me. I felt disappointment. Well, most of me did. Part was still hopeful. “If you do, I want to do it. I really want to do it.”

Megan looked back to me, then down to my waist. “Good, because Gary obviously wants you.” I was at full erection again. That’s kind of difficult to hide when you’re naked.

We all laughed at that, but I couldn’t deny her statement. I wanted Lisa at that moment. I still loved my wife totally and completely, but I wanted to see what it would be like with Lisa. I just couldn’t believe my wife was asking me to cheat on her – and that she wanted to watch me do it.

Lisa broke the silence. “Well, if we’re going to do this, then let’s get started before anyone gets second thoughts.”

Megan moved to the side as Lisa shuffled to in front of me and pressed her body against mine as she kissed me. I will never forget the first time I felt her naked breasts against me. It was so familiar yet so foreign. I had felt Megan’s body that way countless times. This was the first time I had felt Lisa’s body this way. It was the touch of a woman, but a woman who was not my wife. The thought that this was someone other than my wife only made the excitement I felt grow. When our lips parted, I looked over to Megan for reassurance. She was smiling brightly. She sensed what I was looking for and nodded. Lisa slid down onto the bed until she was lying where Megan had been a few minutes ago. She was in the wet spot. She looked so beautiful, lying naked with her legs together before me. I swallowed hard as Lisa spread her legs, looking sweetly at me. I knew what both women wanted from me. I knew what I wanted. My heart was still pounding in my chest as I moved into position between Lisa’s long lean outstretched legs. Positioning my dick at her opening, I held the shaft in my right hand and slid it up and down her lips to gather lubrication. My dick was so excited as it touched her pussy. I heard Lisa moan but my attention was riveted on the sight of my dick pushing aside her blonde hair and spreading her lips apart. On the next down stroke, I pushed the head against her opening, feeling it seat itself. The view of her blonde curls against my shaft was making my breathing deepen. My cock was pulsing in time to my heartbeat, which was finally slowing. I guess I was realizing this was actually going to happen. I looked up to Lisa, seeing her lovely face study mine. She looked very serious, but very happy at the same time. She could feel where my dick was. She knew the next push would cause me to penetrate her in a way I had never done to her before.

Megan moved over and lay down on the bed with her head resting on Lisa’s stomach. She had a front row seat at the main event. She reached out and felt my dick, her touch adding to the strangeness of the moment. As her fingers slid across my erection, I watched the blonde curls from Lisa’s pussy brush against her fingers. Megan’s finger reached out a little and brushed against one of the lips of Lisa’s pussy. It was probably inadvertent, but I saw it. I couldn’t believe I was seeing my wife touch another woman there. I couldn’t believe my dick was against Lisa’s pussy.

Megan sighed and I could feel her warm breath against my dick. I’m sure Lisa felt her breath as well. “Do it, Gary. Push inside her,” Megan almost whispered. I pressed forward, feeling Lisa’s pussy against the head of my dick. At first, I didn’t think it would fit. Her opening was smaller than Megan’s. She had just had the dildo inside herself, but she was still tight. I pressed and she stretched. Then, suddenly, her opening gave way. Her body gave itself over to me. She yielded and admitted me. I felt my dick sliding slowly into a very warm, very wet and very tight place. A place I had never been before. Lisa was a lot smaller inside than I was used to. She was so wet that I slid easily, but I could still feel the tightness. Lisa started moaning, a single drawn out sound, as I stretched her in a way she obviously wasn’t used to.

I was watching my dick enter that blonde haired pussy. Once I was as far inside her as I was going to go on the first stroke, I reversed and slowly pulled out, fascinated by the sight of my shaft now shiny with Lisa’s juices. Megan was also watching, turning her head and lifting it up now so she could witness the penetration. When the head was almost out, I pressed in again. Megan spoke in a dreamy voice, a voice that was clouded with fog, or an orgasmic haze. “That is so beautiful. I never knew it looked so beautiful when we did that.” She touched my shaft, now slick with Lisa, and my shaft slid past her finger as I entered Lisa’s body. I went a little deeper, but it was going to take several strokes to stretch her enough and enter her fully. If she would be able to take all of me inside her. She was shorter than Megan so maybe her pussy wasn’t as deep.

Megan stayed right there, watching and touching me as I slowly started fucking Lisa. When I finally got enough of my dick to go into Lisa that my dark pubic hair meshed with her blonde hair, Megan moved up. She planted a kiss on my abdomen, then sat up and kissed my lips. I was kissing my wife while my dick was buried deeply inside her friend. The thought made my dick throb. Lisa felt it and moaned. The three of us were joined in that moment. Lisa started trying to thrust back against me, anxious to start screwing in earnest. Megan moved back and looked at Lisa, then to me.

"I’m going to move out of the way now so you two can do it. I’ll watch." To reassure me, she added, "You two look so sexy together. I never knew making love looked so beautiful." I turned back to Lisa and saw her still watching Megan questioningly. I guess it was difficult for Lisa to relax and have sex with her best friend’s husband while the best friend was right there. Megan leaned over and kissed Lisa’s cheek. "It’s OK," she told Lisa. "I want to see you do this." Lisa smiled as Megan sat back on her knees. Lisa looked to me and I leaned over her, moving my hips in that ancient rhythm. Lisa put her hands on my arms. Her touch was light, but showed no hesitation. All three of us wanted this and it was happening. I leaned forward a little more and the bed started squeaking as I pounded Lisa’s body with more force. I was watching her tits now. They were swaying back and forth a little, so firm they could just barely jiggle in reaction to my thrusting. Lisa was tight. I was glad I had just done it with Megan. Otherwise, I would have cum before I was fully inside her. Having just cum, and the relief from earlier, allowed me to last longer. I hoped I could make Lisa cum before I did. I leaned over a little more and kissed Lisa. Her tongue immediately pressed into my mouth, penetrating me as I was penetrating her. Our lips pulled apart wetly and I reached lower to catch one of her nipples in my mouth. Sucking her soft nipple into my mouth was heavenly. Remembering who I was doing this to, I looked over to Megan.

Megan had a hand between her legs and that hand was moving back and forth. She was masturbating while she watched us. I had seen her masturbate before, but seeing her do it now, knowing that it was me fucking Lisa that made her masturbate, only added to the eroticism of the forbidden act. Megan smiled broadly at me and nodded, probably trying to keep reassuring me. Feeling a measure of confidence in her gesture, or maybe being more turned on by seeing my wife openly masturbating, I leaned back. Upright now, I lifted Lisa’s legs onto my shoulders. Well, I tried to. Megan is my height so her legs drape over my shoulders in this position. Lisa is shorter, so her knees couldn’t reach my shoulders. As a result, her legs stayed straight up against my chest. The effect was the same. I could penetrate her deeper this way and the effect on her was made evident by her moans moving higher in pitch. One of her hands was fondling one of her tits. Megan reached out with her free hand and held Lisa’s other hand. The two women were connected as the three of us sought orgasm.

I pressed harder on one stroke and felt something different about Lisa’s pussy. From her reaction, the head of my dick must have pressed against her cervix. It wasn’t painful for her, just a surprise, judging by her facial expression. Using my hands, I pressed her legs back now against her tits. This allowed me maximum penetration. I looked down to see my dick splitting her blonde curls as I moved in and out of her. I enjoyed the sight, so different from seeing my dick between Megan’s dark-haired lips. It felt so good. It wasn’t the same as making love to Megan. I loved Megan. I was just having fun with Lisa – but I was having a lot of fun.

I had lasted longer than I had expected, but the building feeling told me the end was near. The novelty of the situation, doing this with Lisa instead of Megan, took its toll. My rhythm changed, faster now. The sounds issuing from Lisa indicated she wasn’t far behind me. Megan picked up on the change and addressed me directly.

"Are you cumming?"

"Almost," I practically grunted. I was only moments away.

Megan nodded and moved closer to me. Using her left hand, she reached behind me and under, gently grasping my swaying balls. The effect was electric. Her touch on me, there and at that moment, sent me over the edge. Megan’s right hand still held Lisa’s hand. Megan’s voice barely cut through the haze I was lost in.

"You’re cumming inside her," she said, or maybe asked. I’m not sure. It was spoken softly. All I could do was nod in response. I guess she could feel the pulsing as I spurted. My cock was buried as far inside Lisa as I could manage. I looked into Lisa’s sparkling eyes and we watched each other cum. She moaned loudly now as the feeling of the warm sperm gave her the final needed push. It was a magical moment, shared by all three of us. Megan fondled my balls, ever so gently, and further intensified my orgasm. It was getting difficult not to fall over onto Lisa. I managed not to fall on her, though. When I returned to reality, both women were smiling at me and their joined hands were gripping each other tightly.

Lisa broke the silence first. “I can’t believe we just did that,” she said with a tone of disbelief and maybe a touch of laughter in her voice.

Megan released my balls and leaned over to Lisa. She kissed Lisa on the cheek, saying, “Thank you for letting me watch.”

I couldn’t believe how things were unfolding. Not only had my wife just let me fuck her best friend, she was thanking us for letting her watch.

My dick was soft now, and the gentle contractions of Lisa’s pussy were pushing me out of her. My dick fell free, followed by a small flood of our combined juices. I moved out of the way, practically falling on the bed next to Lisa. Megan, however, quickly moved between Lisa’s legs and got down on her elbows. She was watching my sperm flow out of her friend.

"It looks a lot sexier than it feels," she said to me. "Now I understand why you like to look at me right after we have sex." She was seeing the whole experience from a new vantage point and she enjoyed what she saw. I leaned over to Lisa, my face inches from hers and thanked her. I planted a deep, passionate kiss on her mouth. I felt her tongue slip through her parted lips and seek out mine. We kissed in the afterglow of what we had just done. When we parted, I looked down her body to see Megan still watching her pussy. The idea of Megan looking at her that way started getting me hard again. It was slower this time, but I was responding. When I rolled over onto my back to rest, my dick didn’t flop wetly onto my stomach. Megan noticed.

"Ready for more?" she asked with a wicked grin.

"How can I help not wanting more? I’m in bed with two beautiful naked women."

"But can you keep both of us satisfied?” Megan asked.

"That sounds like a challenge," Lisa replied.

The whole situation was getting more exciting by the moment. Could Megan really be suggesting that being with Lisa wasn’t to be just a one time event? In response to my mental question, Megan crawled over onto me to kiss me. I could feel my partial erection slide wetly along her stomach and bush. I got harder when I realized the wetness we were feeling was from Lisa’s pussy. Megan pressed her body against mine and kissed me, wriggling herself against me in the process. In spite of just cumming with Lisa, I was ready to have my wife again.

Megan turned to Lisa and offered, “We’re going to do it again. Want to watch – a little closer this time?”

Lisa’s face lit up. “I’d like that.”

Lisa got up, leaving a wet spot on the sheet. Megan rolled over onto the spot where I had just made love to her friend. Usually, Megan didn’t like the feeling of the wet spot on the sheets. Tonight, it didn’t seem to bother her. What made that even more amazing was that most of that wet spot was made by another woman. Megan spread her legs so I moved into position between them, preparing to penetrate her. Lisa’s voice stopped me.

"Can I put it in?" she asked. I froze and my dick throbbed. She was asking if she could put my dick into Megan’s pussy. I looked first to Lisa, then to Megan. Megan nodded. Lisa reached out for my dick, now fully hard again. It was still wet from her pussy. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t have been able to perform again so quickly, especially after so many times today. The whole situation was so exciting that my body was responding in surprising ways. Lisa held my erection in one hand. The other hand reached for Megan’s pussy and spread it open. The sight of Lisa’s hand touching Megan’s pussy was driving me to new heights of excitement. I wondered if I would cum before I got inside Megan.

Lisa was pulling on my dick, trying to insert it. I moved with her, leaning forward. She didn’t insert it right away. First, she rubbed it up and down Megan’s slit. I think she did it more to watch what that looked like than to gather Megan’s lubrication. I was so excited now, watching Lisa rub my dick against my wife’s pussy. She seemed to be putting a lot of effort into moving the head over Megan’s clit, much to Megan’s enjoyment. Finally, she pushed me lower and I felt the head captured by my wife’s opening. Still, Lisa held on. I pushed forward, entering Megan’s pussy. Lisa relaxed her grip slightly, but my dick was sliding through her fingers into Megan. When I pulled back, my dick was still sliding inside her grip. We did this for a few strokes, my dick spreading Megan’s juices onto Lisa’s hand. It felt like Lisa was masturbating me with Megan’s pussy. I didn’t know how much of this I could take.

Finally, Lisa released my dick but mirrored Megan’s earlier position by putting her head down on Megan’s stomach. She was still watching my dick move in and out of Megan’s lips with rapt attention.

"You’re right, this looks so sexy," she breathed. Megan moaned in response. I did my best to think of something else so I didn’t cum right away. Fortunately, I had recently enjoyed a few orgasms so I had a little time on my side. As I began screwing Megan faster, Lisa didn’t move. The motion was causing her head to bob as I thrust against Megan but she stayed there… watching.

I looked to Megan, who was watching Lisa. Nobody spoke. It was almost silent in the room, our motion making the only sound. I reached out with one hand and stroked Lisa’s cheek. The silkiness of her skin was delightful. She cooed in appreciation. I ran my fingers through her silky hair. Megan put her hand on Lisa’s shoulder. The three of us were again joined by touch.

"Let her know when you’re about to cum," Megan told me. Then, to Lisa, "you’ll want to hold his balls when he shoots in me. It feels really good."

Lisa, still watching where we were joined, just nodded. After a few more minutes, she spoke again.

"This looks sooo sexy."

"Mmm-hmm," Megan agreed.

Megan lifted up on her elbows to get a better look herself. I lovingly touched Megan’s cheek, just as I had touched Lisa’s earlier. She looked at me and smiled. No other words were spoken until I was ready to cum.

"I’m gonna shoot," I announced.

"Cup his balls, but be gentle," Megan urged Lisa. She had to get up to reach, but Lisa did just that. Her eyes were still fixed on the base of my dick sticking out of Megan’s pussy.

Her gentle grasp on my testicles had the same effect as Megan’s touch had before. I began cumming almost at once.

"He’s cumming inside you right now," Lisa announced. Megan responded by attacking her clit with two fingers, desperate to cum with me. I could feel myself spurting but I wondered if I was really shooting very much after all the orgasms I had enjoyed that day. Lisa kept fondling me and Megan came loudly right after I did. Lisa sat up on her knees and kissed me while I was still inside Megan. It was strange having my dick inside one woman and my tongue inside another. Strange, but nice.

We both looked down at Megan to see her smiling at us.

"I like sharing," my wonderful wife announced.

"I’m glad you share," I told her. I pulled out of her pussy and Lisa moved into position to watch the aftermath of our lovemaking. As I thought, there wasn’t much, but a little whiteness could be seen seeping through her distended lips. Lisa reached out to touch it. Megan jumped when Lisa’s finger contacted her pussy. Lisa giggled.

"I just wanted to feel how warm it is," she explained. Megan relaxed. I marveled at how comfortable we had become with each other’s bodies in the last few hours.

After that last performance, I was finished for the night. Fortunately, the women were as well. While we were lying around, Megan and I next to each other and Lisa on her stomach between Megan’s legs, I let out a yawn. The girls laughed, but Megan said, “I guess I’m tired, too. How about you, Lisa? Ready to go to sleep?”

"Uh-huh," Lisa responded. She got up and headed for the bathroom. I kissed Megan before commenting that I needed to go as well.

"Go ahead," Megan urged.

"I can wait for Lisa to finish," I said.

Megan made a moue. “So you can fuck her, but you can’t share a bathroom with her?” She smiled. “Go ahead. I’ll be there in a minute,” she added as she shoved me in that direction.

I tapped lightly on the open door before entering. I still felt a little shy in spite of the intimacy we had just shared. Lisa turned to look.

"Come on in," she urged. "There’s nothing here you haven’t already seen."

"True," I agreed. I peed while she washed her hands and face. When I finished and turned around, I saw she had been watching me in the mirror. She just smiled when she saw she was caught. She gave me a light peck on the cheek as I took my turn at the lavatory. She stood behind me, pressing her nude form against my back. If I hadn’t been so exhausted, I would have risen to the occasion. We walked back to the bed together.

"So how will this work?" I asked the ladies.

Megan piped up. “I’m sleeping next to you.”

"I wanted to sleep next to him," Lisa complained.

"Ladies, ladies, there is enough of me to go around. How about I sleep in the middle?"

They were agreeable to that, so I turned out the main light and crawled over Megan to lie between the two of them. Lisa pulled up the covers as Megan turned off the lamp. Megan turned towards me and draped one leg over mine. I could feel the wetness between her legs against my leg. Lisa did the same on my left, with the same results.

"This is nice," I commented. Two contented sighs came in response. With that, we were all soon asleep.

I’d like to say we woke up during the night and screwed until dawn, but the truth is that we were all tired and slept through the night. The long drive and then the sex had worn me out. Lisa’s day had turned into an emotional roller coaster when we had arrived, and Megan was just plain tired. It was well after sunrise when we woke.

Megan kissed me good morning. The stirring woke Lisa as well. Megan spoke first.

"Is everyone ready for breakfast, or…?"

"Or what?" I asked.

Megan smiled in response, a sly smile. Her left hand snaked under the covers. I felt her grab my morning hard on. She held it up straight (for Lisa’s benefit) and stroked it under the covers.

"That sounds good," I ventured.

"How about we have him for breakfast?" Megan offered. Then, looking directly at Lisa, added, "Together?"

Lisa’s face showed definite interest. She nodded to Megan before pushing the covers over the foot of the bed. Both women moved into position between my legs, pushing them wide apart to accommodate both their bodies. Megan held up my erection and Lisa kissed it. I felt the contact of her lips all up my spine. Megan was an inch away, watching her friend intently. The kiss turned into a lick and Megan joined in. While Lisa licked at the precum gathering at the head, Megan gave slow licks up and down the shaft.

I’ve had many blowjobs before, but that was the first one from more than one person. One tongue is fantastic, any man will tell you that. Two tongues can quickly drive you through the roof. I reached for the other pillows and piled them under my head so I could watch. Megan and Lisa fellated me in synchronicity. As Lisa licked, Megan stroked my shaft with her tongue. When Lisa moved to lick my shaft, Megan took the head in her mouth. She sucked on the head while her tongue moved rapidly against it. I started to worry that I would cum very quickly but realized that their intention was for me to cum in their mouths, not to last for their pussies. Megan held my dick while Lisa bobbed up and down over it, then Lisa held it for Megan to suck me.

At one point, Lisa and Megan licked the sides of my shaft together, their tongues moving in synch up and down on opposite sides. That pushed me to the edge.

"Girls, I’m going to cum," I announced with a strain in my voice.

"Who gets to eat it?" Lisa asked, the intent evident in her voice. Megan wanted to share but the expression on her face showed something else. She didn’t want to give it up. She was thinking hard about something. After a few seconds, she spoke.

"Maybe we both can." She looked to me as if asking permission but I didn’t know what she had in mind. She looked to Lisa, inches away, as Lisa’s tongue tasted more of my precum. "We could just keep licking and let him shoot on our faces."

"I want to taste it," Lisa moaned.

"Me, too. We could …" She paused here, apparently gathering her courage. When she spoke, her voice was softer, practically a whisper. "We could lick it off each other, after."

The implication of her statement hit my brain at the same time as it hit my dick. In response, my dick twitched. I knew Lisa felt it. Lisa’s eyes opened wider and she looked at Megan, not me.

"Are you sure?" she asked.

The two women had their eyes locked on each other. Megan smiled and gave a slight nod. Lisa joined the smile. I held my breath. They turned in unison to my dick and began licking intently. Megan, between licks, told me, “Let us know just before you shoot.” I nodded, unable to speak at that moment.

They licked, their tongues now touching each other from time to time. My dick was twitching, both from the feel of their tongues and the thought of what I was about to witness. It didn’t take long. I felt the tightening, the tenseness, the throbbing.

"Now," I kind of groaned. I arched my back, trying as hard as I could to keep my eyes open during the orgasm. I wanted to watch this.

They both licked the front of my shaft, passing the tips of their tongues over my slit. I felt my dick pulse twice, then that warm liquid feeling took over. I cried out as the pleasure escalated almost to the pain level and saw the first spurt land across Lisa’s cheek and nose. Megan pushed in front and captured a strand on her cheek. The two tried to each catch as much as they could on their faces. A strand extended into Megan’s hair near her ear. Each face had caught a sizable amount. The sperm was starting to run down their faces. Lisa gave me a final suck before releasing my deflating cock.

Megan and Lisa got up on their knees, facing each other. Megan put her hands on Lisa’s shoulders. Lisa put her arms around Megan’s neck. I couldn’t even breathe as they leaned towards each other and … licked. I couldn’t believe I was seeing my two fantasy women licking my cum from each other’s face. It was indescribably erotic. As they licked, they leaned closer to each other. I saw their nipples touch and my dick desperately tried to get hard. If there had been any way, my dick would have gotten fully hard again. As it had been only moments since I ejaculated, the best it could do was a slight stiffening. Instead of lying limply against my stomach, my dick held itself barely off my skin. It didn’t matter. I was excited enough for it to feel ten feet long.

They moaned as they licked my cum off each other. They were really getting into it. I had to keep reminding myself to breathe I was so entranced by the spectacle. Lisa followed that strand of cum to Megan’s ear, licking right in front of the lobe – Megan’s “special spot”. I saw my wife shudder and hug her friend a little tighter. Their breasts pressed more tightly together.

When my sperm was all cleaned up, they parted, still holding onto each other. They were kneeling facing each other. Lisa gave Megan a look I didn’t understand. It lasted for at least three seconds. Megan raised an eyebrow, apparently giving consent for something. Lisa leaned forward and they kissed. It wasn’t just a touching of the lips. It was a French kiss. Their naked bodies pressed against each other, lips sliding together wetly. Through their cheeks, it was evident their tongues were participating as well as they shared my taste. That did it. My dick couldn’t stand by and let that happen without getting hard. I was partially erect again.

The kiss lasted a long time. It seemed to last for hours, but was really only a minute or so. I couldn’t move, transfixed by the scene before me. My heart was pounding, my lungs screaming for me to breathe, my dick doing its best to stand up limply in salute. When they parted, they leaned back with their arms still loosely around each other. They regarded each other with a shy smile, a kind of “What have we just done?” look. Lisa looked down, breaking the magical spell. Each drew a deep breath.

As if just then realizing they had an audience, Megan looked to me. Her face was happy, but embarrassed.

"I can’t believe we just did that," she said, a trace of laughter in her voice.

I spoke, my voice having a soft, dreamlike quality as if I didn’t want to break the spell, either. “I can’t believe it. But I liked it. I liked it a lot.”

Lisa finally looked up, first to Megan then to me. She also looked embarrassed by what I had seen.

"That was the most incredible thing I’ve ever even imagined," I said, my voice a little stronger now.

Megan crawled up my body and gave me a lingering French kiss. As she kissed me, images of the illicit kiss she had shared with Lisa screamed through my mind. It did nothing to cool my growing arousal.

Megan could feel me growing against her stomach. “Ooh, you really liked that, huh?” she asked warmly. I nodded. “How about a threesome?”

I couldn’t believe what my wife was asking. For that matter, I could barely believe the things we had done since the previous afternoon. “What do you have in mind?” I asked, my voice wavering with uncertainty, maybe even fear. This was all happening so fast.

"Oh, maybe one of us sitting on your dick and the other one on your face," my wife suggested, her words slow and drawn out. I saw Lisa’s face perk up at that suggestion. "Does that appeal to you?"

"Does it appeal to me? You’ve just outlined one of my favorite secret fantasies," I eagerly responded. I still couldn’t believe this was really happening.

"I’m game," Lisa added.

Megan smiled. To Lisa, she said, “You can have his dick first. I get it all the time.” She sat up to one side, waiting for Lisa to mount me. For my part, I lay barely breathing. There was no need for foreplay. The girls were very wet from earlier and I was hard from watching them. Lisa straddled my hips and used her hands to guide the head of my dick into her blonde pussy. I watched with fascination as her lips parted. When I made contact, she was so wet that her juices started flowing down my shaft a little. She pressed down, seating herself fully with a grunt. I was completely inside her now and the heat was incredible. It was even more obvious how much she had enjoyed the kiss she had shared with Megan.

I couldn’t enjoy the sight of my cock spearing her for long because Megan swung a leg over my neck. She took her seat facing me with her wet pussy over my mouth. I eagerly began eating her. The experience of enjoying two pussies at once is one of synergy. It is much more than just the pleasure of fucking combined with the pleasure of eating a pussy. The two events combined overwhelm the senses. Each is a wonderful treat. Together, knowing two women are getting pleasure from the act makes the feeling almost too wonderful to withstand. I had Megan’s cunt over my face. I was tasting her wetness when I looked up. What I saw almost made me shoot off right there. Lisa had leaned forward and was fondling her tits from behind. Seeing Lisa’s hands playing with my wife’s body – and the expression of pleasure on my wife’s face – made it almost impossible to stave off my impending orgasm. Almost. I’m glad I made the Herculean effort, because it just got better.

I felt Megan moving to get off me. She stood up over me (what a view!) and turned around, returning her pussy to my face. Only this time she was facing Lisa. I couldn’t see what they were doing, but the sounds they were making made it obvious they were enjoying themselves, and each other. The knowledge that they were kissing and fondling each other above me only added to the excitement of the sex and oral sex that was enveloping me. After a few minutes of this, I heard the sound of a very wet kiss ending and Megan spoke up.

"I want his dick now."

I moved my mouth away from her pussy just enough to say, “Then you’d better hurry because you two have me right on the edge.”

They got up and changed positions. Megan sat on my cock and that penetration had to be the wettest I had ever felt with her. Lisa knelt over my face, facing Megan, and their moans returned. I didn’t try to last. I just ate pussy while Megan rode my hard on. Very soon, I tensed up and pumped my seed into my wife. No warning, no slowing, just ejaculation. Megan moaned a little louder so I knew she felt it, but she never stopped moving over me. My dick soon slipped out of her, followed by a flood of our combined wetness. The two women kept kissing and rubbing their bottoms against me. After a while longer, they stopped and got off me. I’m sure I must have looked like a mess. It was sloppy being beneath them. My face was coated with their lubrication and my midsection was soaked with the remains of cumming inside Megan. Megan never hesitated. She leaned down and kissed me, surely smelling and tasting Lisa on my face. Lisa just knelt next to us and watched.

Megan broke the kiss, her face still very near mine, and whispered to me. “I want to try it with Lisa, just me and her. Is that OK with you?”

I thought I had been shocked before by what they had done. Now, she was laying the cards on the table. She wanted to have sex with Lisa and she was asking for my permission.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked, secretly hoping she would say yes. She did. I smiled broadly. "Can I watch?" I asked eagerly. She just smiled in return and got up. She reached out and took Lisa by the hand.

"Stay on the side. Give us room. I want the first time to be just us." She was talking to me but looking into Lisa’s eyes. Lisa looked like she wanted it as much as Megan. I took up a place on the edge of the big bed. Megan directed Lisa to lie on the other side. Megan got on top of Lisa and they kissed. The sight of Megan lying naked on top of Lisa would have made me cum if I hadn’t just done so. As it was, it felt like I would soon have another erection so I could jack off while I watched.

Lisa spoke to Megan in a tiny voice, so quiet I could just barely make out what she said. “I’ve never done it like this before.”

Megan answered, “Neither have I. We’re friends. Let’s just try it. If you want to stop, that’s OK. We’re learning together.”

That was all they said. It was like I wasn’t even there. They were in their own world, just the two of them. They started with a deep kiss. Lisa moaned when my wife’s lips made contact. Their eyes were closed, Megan’s hands on Lisa’s face. Lisa put her arms around Megan’s neck. As the kiss progressed, Lisa’s hands moved slowly up and down Megan’s back as if she was enjoying the feel of Megan’s skin. Megan moved her body against Lisa’s, enjoying her touch. Lisa’s hands moved down to Megan’s cute butt and that really warmed Megan up. She was moving more now, and moaning into Lisa’s mouth. Their lips parted and their eyes opened, but their faces were still only inches apart. A slow smile spread across both their faces. Megan was looking into Lisa’s eyes, as if seeking permission for something. She moved lower, kissing Lisa’s face and neck. As she reached Lisa’s breasts, Lisa’s legs parted and Megan slid between them. She slowly moved a hand onto each of Lisa’s tits, caressing them slowly and sensuously. I could hear the sound of her hand moving over Lisa’s soft skin. She smiled and leaned forward to take a nipple into her mouth. Lisa closed her eyes to focus on the sensation.

I was hard again and now slowly started stroking myself. I knew that I had to keep the pace slow or the scene in front of me would make me cum in seconds. Megan was kissing Lisa’s breasts and sucking on her nipples, taking care to hold the nipples with her lips and pull on them. Lisa seemed to be loving the attention. After a long time at her tits, Megan moved further down Lisa’s trim body. I knew what was coming next and still couldn’t believe what was about to happen. She continued kissing and licking, leaving a wet trail down Lisa’s stomach. She paused at her navel before moving lower to the blonde patch of hair.

Lisa’s eyes opened when Megan arrived at her pussy. Megan turned her face to the side and brushed her cheek against Lisa’s silky softness. They were both making light moaning sounds as they each enjoyed the touch in their own way. Megan planted light kisses on Lisa’s mound, then one very light kiss directly on her slit. Lisa gasped at the contact. Megan wasn’t ready to take that step just yet, or wanted to tease Lisa further, because she instead moved quickly to the end of Lisa’s right leg. She started at the ankle, trailing kisses and licks back up to the crease where the leg joined Lisa’s torso. That little hollow where Lisa’s pussy nestled when her legs were closed received much attention from Megan’s tongue. Lisa was now wriggling her bottom around, anxious to feel Megan’s tongue on her pussy, but Megan was not to be swayed from her appointed course. Her mouth passed tantalizingly close to Lisa’s pussy, so close in fact that the curly hair brushed Megan’s lips. Megan then moved to Lisa’s left ankle to begin another slow, torturous journey back up to Lisa’s body. When Megan was licking the hollow at the top of the left leg, Lisa, unable to wait further, tried to move Megan’s head to the center with her hands. Megan pushed her hands away. I could see Megan smiling as she continued kissing. I could also see that Lisa’s pussy was now oozing with her lubrication.

By this time, I was as anxious as Lisa for Megan to take the next big step. I was hard and my dick was leaking precum as I stroked. I seriously doubted that I would be able to delay cumming until Megan started eating Lisa’s pussy. Lisa, unable to sway Megan’s intentions, was now positively mauling her own tits and moaning out loud in time to Megan’s tongue. When Megan finally swiped her tongue over the lips to the slit, Lisa and I both gave out sighs of relief.

I really wanted to put my face down on Lisa’s stomach to watch up close what Megan was about to do, or even join my wife between Lisa’s legs and help out. I remembered Megan’s last words to me and heeded them. It wasn’t because I wanted to, but rather because I loved her so much and wanted this moment to go as she wanted.

Megan ran her tongue up Lisa’s slit. I could see it in her face when she tasted Lisa’s juices. It was a surprise but not a big one. She must be realizing that Lisa didn’t taste much differently from her own pussy. She had tasted herself often enough after masturbating, on my face after oral sex, and by sucking my dick after I had been inside her. This was the first time she tasted another woman, however. The look was like a moment of indecision followed by making a choice. She pressed onward. On the second swipe of her tongue, Megan pressed hard, parting Lisa’s lips and passing the tip of her tongue between them. Lisa practically howled, holding onto her tits and looking down between her legs in disbelief as her friend began eating her pussy.

That did it. I lost the battle. I came. Hard. Stroking my cock wildly, I shot off on the sheet as I watched the unbelievable spectacle before me.

Megan’s tongue was exploring Lisa’s pussy with a passion, flittering over her clit, sliding between her slippery lips, and probing into her hole. I knew what Megan was experiencing – taste, smell and sight – but the fact that she was doing it made the scene something I’ll never forget. This was my wife having sex with a woman. I did notice that her motions were a little gentler than the way I usually did it to her. After a moment’s thought, I figured out she was doing to Lisa exactly what she would like done to her. I tried to pay attention so I could please her as well the next time my face was between her legs.

She was definitely pleasing Lisa. Lisa was now thrashing about, clawing at the sheets. There was a wild look on her face. Either the pleasure she was receiving from Megan’s mouth was that good or, like me, she couldn’t believe this was really happening either. Lisa peaked suddenly. The transition was interesting to watch. Her legs tensed, then wrapped around Megan’s head while her hands flew to the back of Megan’s head. She was moaning something like, “Oh, fuck, please don’t stop,” as she firmly held Megan’s head in place. Her hips started humping against my wife’s face and Lisa screamed. I wondered what the people in the next room were thinking. Surely that had woken them up if they had still been sleeping.

Megan must have understood what Lisa was feeling and wanting at that point because she complied with Lisa’s request. Her face was pressed to Lisa’s pussy. I could see through her cheek that her tongue was moving. I guessed she was moving it against Lisa’s clit. The pleasure must have peaked and become too intense to stand because Lisa suddenly changed posture, pushing Megan away and trying to close her legs. Megan moved back and sat up on her knees; her face was coated in Lisa’s cum. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Her friend had cum all over her face. She was smiling proudly at what she had given Lisa but Lisa needed a little time to come down. She rolled herself into a ball on her side, her eyes closed and her breathing only slowly returning to normal. She kind of shuddered, aftershocks of the intense orgasm.

I wanted to speak, but didn’t want to interrupt the magic they were sharing. Megan looked at me, her expression seeming to acknowledge me and give me permission to speak.

I grinned. “That was so incredible,” I said quietly.

Megan looked down at the wet stains in front of me, the remains of my orgasm. “You liked that, did you?” she asked with a big smile.

I nodded vigorously. She leaned over to me and kissed me. Usually when we kiss, I notice her smell. It’s the smell of her perfume, or her shampoo, or just that warm scent of her skin. Not this time. This time, she smelled like Lisa. There was no doubt that she smelled like her friend’s pussy. If there had been, the taste in her mouth would have settled the issue. We were both tasting Lisa’s juices now. I held her body to mine, feeling her soft boobs pressed to my chest, and shared the taste. I had just seen her act out a secret fantasy I had held for many years and I loved her so much at that moment. We had now both shared Lisa in the most intimate way.

When the kiss ended, we looked at each other. The scent of pussy was in the air between us. Truthfully, it was probably in the entire room, but it was especially strong there, next to Megan’s face.

"Thank you for letting us do that alone. We needed to try it in our own way."

"Megan, thank you for letting me watch. That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen."

Megan thought for a moment. “It doesn’t bother you that I did it with her?”

"Not at all. You didn’t mind me doing it with Lisa."

"But you’re a boy I’m a girl – doing it with a girl."

"I know," I said eagerly. "That’s what made it so exciting." After a moment, we both looked over at Lisa, who had rolled over and opened her eyes. "Are you going to let her do it to you?"

Megan turned to face me. “If you want me to.”

"Do you want that?” I asked her.

There was just a moment’s pause before Megan said, “Yes. I’d like that a lot. I want to feel how a woman does it.”

"I want it, too. I want to see her please you. I want to watch her make you cum.”

"Thank you," Megan told me quietly. She planted a light kiss on my lips, and then moved out of my arms to rejoin Lisa. Lisa opened up and Megan was again lying on top of her as they shared a passionate kiss. Lisa’s hands moved down my wife’s back to hold her ass. Lisa whispered something to Megan that I couldn’t hear. Megan nodded and rolled off Lisa. Lisa positioned herself over Megan’s tits, sucking her nipples. The look on Megan’s face was amazing – pure enjoyment. Her eyes were closed, but the expression on her face was unmistakable. I enjoyed seeing my wife being pleased by her friend. After a few minutes of playing with both breasts, Lisa moved lower, kissing her way down to Megan’s pussy. Megan had opened her eyes to watch what Lisa was doing. Now she was supporting herself on her forearms so she could lift her head up enough to see. When Lisa’s tongue made contact with her lips, Megan’s arms gave out and she fell back to the bed. Lisa explored with less hesitation than Megan had shown. Maybe she knew how pleasurable it was, or maybe she had done this before. Either way, Megan was enjoying what Lisa was doing to her body. I was soon stroking my erection again, captivated by the spectacle before me. Seeing two women making love is such a beautiful sight. They show such tenderness and confidence.

Megan must have been worked up by the whole situation because it took Lisa less time to make her cum than I would have thought. Megan looked over at me when her orgasm hit. She might have been seeking my acceptance, or maybe she wanted to see how I was reacting to seeing someone else making her cum. I smiled and blew her a kiss. She smiled back and her gaze returned to Lisa. Her hands were now on the back of Lisa’s head and her legs were lifting off the bed. Lisa didn’t let up until Megan cried out, determined to give her a memorable experience. After, she kept giving Megan’s pussy little kisses and licks, pointedly avoiding her sensitive clit but covering the rest of the area around it. In time, she moved back to Megan’s face and they shared a long deep French kiss.

After a little while, Megan reached out for me. I moved to her and she put her arm around the back of my neck. She pulled me to her so I could kiss her as well. She moved between kissing me and kissing Lisa. I was so close to the two of them that I could smell Megan’s juices on Lisa’s face. The three of us basked in the afterglow, three friends sharing a magical moment. No one was in a hurry for it to end.

Eventually we got out of bed and cleaned up. Megan showered first with me, then asked me if I minded if Lisa joined her. I told her I didn’t. We talked about what the two of them had done and I assured her I didn’t mind. In fact, I enjoyed seeing it very much. I got out of the shower and dried off. Then, still naked, I found Lisa gently playing with herself on the bed and told her Megan was waiting for her in the shower. She looked at me as if trying to see if I minded. I smiled and told her to have fun playing with my wife. She got the message and joined Megan. It took them a long time to finish, but I didn’t mind. When they came out, I was already dressed. They got ready quickly and we got something to eat.

That afternoon we planned to lay out on the beach. The weather was warm with scattered clouds. We found a vacant spot of sand to place our towels and started sunning. I was lying between the two women. After about an hour, I finished the book I was reading and commented that I was going back to the room to get my other book.

"Lisa, why don’t you go with him," Megan suggested calmly. Lisa and I both turned to Megan, unsure we had heard her correctly. Ordinarily, the suggestion wouldn’t have meant anything. In the light of what had we had done lately, the meaning was clear. Whether it was our sudden quietness or she felt us looking at her, Megan continued, "Go ahead, it’s OK with me."

I leaned over to kiss Megan’s cheek. She whispered to me, “I’ll be out here thinking about what you are doing with her and getting very wet. I want to hear all about it when you get back.”

Shaking my head in disbelief, I got to my knees and reached for Lisa’s hand. The blonde took my hand and we walked back to the room. We didn’t speak on the way, but she did hold on very tightly to my hand. We both knew what was going to happen when we got inside the room. On the walk, I don’t think I could have gotten any harder.

I opened the door and let Lisa go in before me. I closed the door behind me, the click of the lock seeming to echo in the otherwise empty room. Sure, we had had sex before, but with Megan present. This was the first time we had been alone together, at least for this purpose. Lisa smiled shyly and reached behind her neck to untie the top of her bikini. I watched the cups fall away, exposing her breasts. The nipples were erect, but I don’t think it was because of the cool air-conditioning. She untied the bottom string and her top fell to the floor between us. I watched it fall. She reached out for me and I hugged her, kissing her passionately as I felt her tits crushing against my bare chest. I held her to me so tightly that I could feel the bulge of my erection pressing against her mound. She could feel it, too. She pressed harder, rubbing her mound against the lump in my swimsuit. I pulled my lips from hers, sucking at her bottom lip as I did and ending the kiss in a wet sloppy fashion. We were smiling at each other when I opened my eyes.

We still didn’t speak. I dropped to my knees and kissed her pussy through the bikini bottom. Next, I put a thumb in each side and pulled down, exposing her patch of blonde hair. The crotch of her suit held on to a strand of her wetness as it moved down. She was as wet as I was hard. The suit slid down her legs and she stepped out of it. I held her by her ass cheeks and pressed my face into her pussy, my tongue working its way into her slit. She was so wet and hot that it was almost like putting my face into a warm saucer of water. I was enjoying tasting her. She was enjoying it, judging by the way she broke the silence with her whimpers. I felt her hands on my head, guiding me to the correct spots. I expected to eat her out for a lot longer, but she pulled me away after what seemed only like a minute. I looked up questioningly at her.

She said, “I want it now,” as she fell back onto the bed, pulling me with her. She scooted fully onto the bed (avoiding the wet spot from earlier) and opened her legs. I crawled after her, my erection dangling and bobbing from side to side as I moved. She seemed to like watching it swing.

When I reached her, she grasped my dick and aimed it towards her slit. I felt her sliding it along her wet pussy. She cooed as the tip passed over her clit, and then moved it lower to enter her. Her hands slid along my sides as I entered her. I sank fully into her because she was so wet. When I was fully inside I dropped softly onto her. It was then that I fully realized we were doing this alone, without Megan there. It was like cheating on my wife, even though she had given her permission. I actually thought about Megan lying alone on the beach as I screwed Lisa.

Well, I thought about Megan for the first few minutes. When Lisa really started getting into it, moaning and calling out, I couldn’t think of anything except the naked blonde lying underneath me. It wasn’t that I loved Megan any less. In a way, I was doing this because I loved Megan so much. I was certainly having fun, but I wouldn’t have ever done it with Lisa if not for Megan’s insistence. Lisa was a lot more vocal when we were alone. She moaned, and she talked. She wasn’t shy about asking me to do it certain ways.

I sat up and placed her legs over my shoulders. She liked it that way a lot. Before long, I had her ass lifted off the bed and I was pushing hard into her. By the sounds she was making, she liked it rough. Next, she wanted to get on top. I started to pull out but she stopped me. Holding me close to her, she guided me into rolling over while still inside her. I almost came out at the end of the roll, but we successfully ended up with her on top and my dick still safely inside her. She immediately started riding me hard, impaling her slender body on my cock.

"What makes it so exciting?" I asked rhetorically as she rode me and I thrust up into her.

She closed her eyes, smiled, and drew in a deep breath. “Doing it with you. Knowing Megan is out there,” pointing to the door, “and that she knows what we are doing. It’s naughty and wrong, but not really wrong because we have her permission.”

"Not just her permission, she practically pushed us together."

Lisa nodded. Then, she became more introspective. “How do you really feel about seeing me with her?”

Thinking about that again got me even hornier. “That was the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen,” I told her eagerly. “I loved watching. I wanted to join in, but I knew you wanted to be alone.”

"It wasn’t the first time I’ve done it, but I think it was the first for Megan. I’ve wanted her for a long time but I didn’t know how to bring it up. I guess the time was just right."

I thought some more about her earlier question. “If you’re asking if I’m alright with you doing it again with her, yes! Oh, yes!” The thought of seeing them making love to each other drove me to more energetic thrusts against Lisa’s bottom.

"Yes!" she echoed. Then, more in control, "Maybe you’d like to join in next time."

That did it. I came at her words. I pushed my hips upward into her, lifting her in the process. My legs were tensed. It was like I was trying to push my cum into her body with more force by using my legs. She was in front of me, but I was thinking about Megan. Megan and her - together.

"I’ll take that as a ‘Yes’," she said with a broad smile. "Oh, yes.” She wiggled her bottom on me as I was getting soft. It felt nice, but I could feel my dick coming out of her pussy. “Do something for me?” It was a question. I nodded. “Do what you did to Megan, eat me now?” I thought it over for a moment. I did it because Megan really liked it. I didn’t mind because it was my own cum I was tasting – and I really liked eating pussy. I felt at that moment I could do it for Lisa as well. I had enjoyed her body so much that I wanted to do it for her. I nodded. Lisa continued speaking. “No guy has ever done that to me, eaten my pussy after he came in me. It was so hot watching you do that to Megan.”

She climbed off, a rush of warm fluid coming out of her pussy when she got up. It pooled on my lower stomach. She looked at it, then at me with an impish grin. She leaned forward and licked, tasting both of us. After a few licks, she leaned over and kissed me. “Thanks,” she whispered. She rolled onto her back with her legs open. I put my face where my dick had been and quickly gave her the orgasm I denied her when I came before her a few minutes before. Most of my cum had leaked out when she got off me so I barely tasted myself. After I finished, I lay on top of her and kissed her. She moaned during the kiss, enjoying the taste.

"That was as good as I expected it would be," she told me. Then, "You’re hard from doing that."

"I’m hard from eating your pussy. I love to eat pussy. Ask Megan."

"She’s told me." Seeing my expression, she explained, "We talk a lot about sex, even more than when you’re around." Without explanation, she got up and turned around, moving on top of me in a sixty-nine. She was shorter than me so I had to bend my neck to reach, but we managed. It wasn’t as comfortable as doing it with Megan but it was still fun.

After I finally came in Lisa’s mouth, she got up.

"That was great! I came two more times," she told me.

"It took me awhile because I had just had an orgasm," I explained.

Lisa kissed me, the smell of sperm on her breath. “We should probably clean up and go back out. Megan is probably dying to hear what we’ve been doing.”

We both laughed at that.

"Let’s not clean up," I suggested. "At least not completely. Wipe up the obvious remains, but let’s go out there like we are. I want her to be able to smell you and taste you on me."

"Sounds naughty," Lisa said slowly. Then, more quickly, "I like it."

She grabbed a towel from the bathroom and cleaned only where it would be really obvious outside her bikini. She looked me over and decided I was fine the way I was. We got dressed to rejoin my wife.

"Ready?" she asked.

"Ready," I replied.

Hand in hand, we walked back out to where we had left Megan, big smiles on our faces. I suppose some people could tell what we had just done, and I didn’t care.

Megan was still lying down on her stomach and reading. There was no one near us. When she saw me out of the corner of her eye, she practically leapt up.

"Well?" she asked.

"Well?" I mimicked.

"What have you two been doing?" she asked.

As Megan kissed me, Lisa said, “What do you think we’ve been doing?”

During the kiss, Megan could obviously smell and taste what we had been up to because the kiss suddenly heated up.

"I can tell. Do you know how hot it made me to be out here alone, knowing what was going on in the room?"

"Tell me," I ventured.

Megan took my hand. Looking around to be sure no one was near enough to see, she pressed my hand to her crotch. Even though her bikini bottom was too dark to see the wet stain, I could easily feel how damp the fabric was. I took the opportunity to work a finger into her slit through her suit. She groaned.

I saw that look of indecision in her eyes again. She was thinking about doing something. Something wild. My finger must have helped her make her decision. She took my hand in hers, gripping me tightly.

"Watch our stuff. We’ll be back later," Megan called to Lisa as she practically dragged me to my feet and across the sand to our room. I looked back to Lisa. She was smiling broadly and telling us to "have fun". As we passed the pool, I could see a few people staring at us. One guy was shaking his head. They must have seen me go there with Lisa a short while ago and now again with another woman.

When we got to the door, Megan just looked at me, her eyes burning with lust. I put my key in the lock and opened the door. Megan pushed and we were both inside, the door banging closed behind us. Megan’s hands were all over me at once.

"I got so horny out there, knowing what you two were doing in here. I almost couldn’t stand it." She was breathless as she spoke those words.

"To tell the truth, I was thinking about you when I was with Lisa. It was strange doing it without you here."

"I got so fucking wet." Her choice of words was uncharacteristic for her. "I thought about going for a swim so I could play with myself in the water."

She now had both of us undressed. Her left hand was fondling her pussy while her right stroked me.

"You’re still damp," she thought out loud. Dropping to her knees, she took the first few inches of my shaft in her mouth. "You still taste like her. You didn’t even clean up."

"Do you mind?" I asked.

"Mm-mm," she said with her mouth full. She shook her head with my dick still attached. She was trying to smile around the shaft. I could see her smiling with her eyes. She took a deep breath and took me in as far as she had ever done. My knees sagged with the sensation. I gripped her head for balance.

Coming up for air, she released my hardon. “Get on the bed,” she ordered, clearly in control. She wanted me badly at that moment. I was not going to argue. I got on my back. I watched fascinated as she mounted me. Her fingers parted her wet lips and she lowered her opening to me. The moment of contact was enhanced by her intense wetness and warmth. I gasped. She never paused, taking in my full length before stopping. When I bottomed out inside her, she was sitting on me. She looked at me and smiled, more relaxed now.

"I needed this," she said, the commanding tone gone from her voice. "Sorry I was so insistent."

"No problem. I knew what you were going to do. I didn’t mind. I wanted this, too."

She started moving up and down, her pussy caressing my dick. Her face showed how pent up her emotions were. She was intent on talking all through the event.

"I thought it wouldn’t bother me that you two were alone together." At that, I grew concerned and she saw it in my expression. "Oh, don’t worry. I don’t regret telling you to do it. I just thought I’d wait for you to get back and ask you to tell me all about it. What I didn’t count on was getting so horny. I kept seeing in my mind what you were doing and I wanted to be a part of it. It was like I could see you doing her, hear the moans and the bed creak, all in my head. It was killing me that I couldn’t be here. I was in public so I couldn’t even stick my hand in my pants.”

"You could have joined us at any time. You know that."

"I didn’t want to," she explained. "I wanted you to have some time alone. I always get to have you alone. I wanted to give that to Lisa. I wanted to really share you with her. It just turned me on so much to think about it, knowing it was really going on right at that moment."

All through this, she was riding me hard. The exertion was apparent in our voices. We spoke, but grunts and groans were evident in our speech, combined with deep breathing. And the bed creaked.

"You’re lasting a long time," she said. I usually was able to last, but not while doing it this vigorously.

"It helps that I just had an orgasm," I told her. She smiled at that.

"Just one?" she asked.

"Two," I told my wife, her eyes lighting up. "Once while fucking, and a second time in a sixty-nine."

Megan asked for more details. I related everything we had done, as well as what we had talked about.

"This feels great, but my knees are exhausted," Megan said, sounding disappointed.

"Stand up and put your face down at the edge of the bed. I’ll do you from behind."

She complied and I was face down on top of her. I reached under her to hold her by her breasts as I thrusted. We continued our conversation, but our voices were more strained because of the position.

"So you’re really OK with Lisa and me, you know?"

"Yeah, I’m really OK with you and Lisa, you know." I was grinning as I said that.

"Good, ‘cause I am, too. I want to do it again with her."

"How about all three of us at the same time?" I was hopeful, but I’d take what I could get. I was already living every man’s fantasy.

"Yeah," she panted. "Three at once. I like that."

Thinking about that made her cum. She pushed her face into the bed to muffle her voice because she came really hard. I was close behind her, images of having sex with her and Lisa at the same time running through my mind. I came so hard that I had trouble standing. I was leaning on her, my hands resting on her ass. We stayed in that position for a few minutes, recovering.

Megan finally pulled away, freeing my softening dick from her pussy. She rolled over before sliding to the floor. Grinning wickedly, she reached for my dick. It was coated with the remains of our lovemaking. That’s why she wanted it. She had sucked my dick on a few previous occasions right after it had been in her pussy. Now, with what she had done to Lisa, she had no hesitation about tasting it. She even sounded like she enjoyed the taste, or maybe the naughtiness. Regardless, she sucked me back to life. Even though it took a while, she didn’t mind. She was playing with her pussy and sucking my dick. I didn’t feel guilty about taking so long to get ready to go again. I had a busy day, after all, what with satisfying Megan and Lisa. Not that I was complaining.

When my cock was hard enough, Megan moved onto the bed and I got on top of her. Our first encounter had been quick, almost frantic. The intent was to satisfy her pent up need. This time was romantic. I reached under her and held her upper body up off the bed in my arms as we made love. We took our time, savoring the closeness. Through it all, I couldn’t help thinking about how I had just done the same thing with Lisa in the same bed. Strangely, I didn’t feel guilty. It had been with Megan’s knowledge and permission. She had wanted it to happen as much as we had.

As I looked deeply into Megan’s eyes, all thoughts of Lisa were banished. It was fun with Lisa. I was in love with Megan. There was no doubt about that. I could never feel with Lisa what I felt with Megan. Maybe Megan knew that. Maybe that is why Megan was comfortable with letting me be alone with Lisa.

In contrast to what other things we had done, that time was so loving, so romantic. There was a closeness felt that can only exist between two people committed to each other for a lifetime. It probably reassured us both that there was no risk with inviting Lisa into our bed. We took each other time and again to the very brink, but not over the edge. By the time we were both ready to cum, we were covered with sweat. I looked into Megan’s eyes and could see it. We each knew what the other was feeling. With mutual assent, we didn’t stop at the brink that time. We drove each other over to orgasm, crying out and holding on to each other.

When we finally returned to the beach, Lisa had gone swimming. We joined her. In the water, out of earshot of others on the sandbar, we caught up to her. She was all smiles.

"Did you have fun?" she asked. "As if I had to ask.”

"Does it show?" You could clearly hear the smile in Megan’s voice.

"Yeah, it shows. I’m jealous. I didn’t look like that after my turn," Lisa told my wife.

"That’s because you’re not married to him like I am."

I spoke up next. “Did you decide to go swimming to cool off?”

"Well, kind of." She looked sheepish. "I was hot – in another way. Like Megan said, I was lying there thinking about what you two were doing. I got so wet that I was afraid it would be obvious to everybody how horny I was. So, I got wet all over." She swung her arms in wide arcs as she said the last part.

I pulled her off the sandbar into deeper water and gave her a full body hug. Her warm slippery body felt great in the cool water. She reached behind me and grabbed my butt. Megan joined us, behind Lisa, and we shared a three way hug. We were in our own little world. The crash of the waves over the sand bar and the sounds of the other people a distant murmur in our private world.

Megan noticed that the waves were getting bigger. Jolted out of our reverie, we saw that clouds were moving in from offshore. The sky that had been blue earlier was now a gray, turning darker by the minute. We swam back to the beach, arriving as the raindrops started falling. The crowd was scrambling back to their rooms to escape the gathering storm.

We were plastered by rain by the time we gathered up our things and got inside. We were sandy and salty. Megan suggested we try a three-way shower, but the shower/tub combination just wasn’t big enough. It was fun being sandwiched in there with all that female flesh, but there wasn’t room for anyone to rinse off. Being in the back, I gallantly stepped out, letting the women clean up. I finally peaked behind the shower curtain to see what all the giggling was about. Lisa had taken the showerhead off the hose and they were taking turns holding the stream of water against each other’s clit. I watched as they played. Megan finally let me have a turn with the water (and Lisa). We all ended up wrapped in towels and sitting on the big bed.

"It looks like the rest of the afternoon will be a washout. What do we do now?" Lisa asked.

Megan raised her eyebrows. “Only one thing we can do. What everybody else is probably doing.” Lisa and I looked at her. She stood on the bed, dropped her towel and exclaimed, “Have sex!”

Our towels joined hers and we were a heap of flesh, kissing and fondling. It didn’t matter who was touching whom.

Megan interrupted the revelry with a serious tone. “Gary, can Lisa and I try something else, just the two of us?”

"Sure, what do you have in mind?"

Megan looked to Lisa but held my hand tightly as she spoke, her voice quiet but steady. “I want to try a sixty-nine with Lisa.”

The expression on Lisa’s face told us both that she was interested. My dick had been slow to respond after all it had done so far that day, but the rest of me was still interested. I would wait my turn. For now, I would watch. I nodded my consent and moved to the side, much as Lisa had done that first time Megan and I had made love in front of her.

Lisa leaned forward, offering herself to my wife. Megan reached out, brushing back Lisa’s blonde hair as she touched her face. Their lips joined. I could tell their mouths were opening and their tongues were getting into the act. They pressed their bodies together and my tired dick tried to throb as I saw their nipples touch. Their kiss ended and they moved an inch or so apart, opening their eyes and blinking as they looked at each other. It was a look of tenderness, not lust, that they regarded each other with. No one spoke. There was something special in the air that no one wanted to disturb. A magical spell was covering them and I watched breathlessly.

Megan pointed to a spot right in front of me and Lisa understood, taking up her place on her back, her head on a pillow. Megan looked to me, smiled unabashedly and leaned forward onto her hands and knees. Turning to position herself, she daintily put one leg over Lisa’s face, turning to face Lisa’s feet. I watched the lovely sight as Megan lowered first her hips then her face until she was lying on top of Lisa, the two shapely bodies merging into one curvy form. Lisa’s hands reached for Megan’s ass, pulling her even lower. Megan, for her part, had reached around Lisa’s thighs and parted her lips. Megan looked at me to see if I was looking. This gesture meant a lot. She was including me in the act. She smiled before putting her face between Lisa’s legs and taking a taste.

I had eaten pussy countless times but seeing my wife do it was a novel experience. OK, it made me horny beyond belief. There is something about seeing a woman touch another woman there. The gesture is more delicate, softer somehow, than the way a man does it. I suppose only a woman can give another woman just what she wants from oral sex. Only a woman can understand what a woman wants and needs from the act. I watched with rapt attention. Not only did I enjoy looking at every man’s fantasy in the flesh, but I wanted to be able to please my wife better. Watching how she did it might give me insight into what would give her the most pleasure.

Being there, on the bed, with those two naked female bodies locked together in passion, was better than any porn movie I’ve ever seen. It’s different seeing it happen in person. There are the soft sighs, the delicate movements, that slight sound when she swallows, all little things that you can’t get from watching a movie. And the fact that it’s my wife doing it. It wouldn’t be right to sound all philosophical about the experience. My dick was finally getting hard again, about as hard as it could possibly get. I could feel it throbbing, desperate to get in the act. I wanted more than anything to join in. Well, more than almost anything. I didn’t want to break the spell. Megan and Lisa needed this time alone to share the act for the first time. I felt privileged that they even let me watch. I was going to be content to watch until they invited me to join in.

I left them alone and just watched, but I couldn’t keep my hand away from my dick. I stroked myself as slowly as I could force myself to. If I even tried a little, I knew I’d cum in seconds. I could feel contractions on my prostate. If I even thought a little harder about what I was witnessing, I’d probably shoot off. I just watched, a silent witness to the joining of two bodies, two souls.

I was wrested out of these deep thoughts by the sound of Lisa. She was cumming and she was being loud about it. Megan took the cue and now attacked her clit with a vengeance. Lisa moved her face back from Megan’s pussy while she was cumming and moaned out loud. She couldn’t thrash around because her friend’s body was on top of her. She reached out and dug her fingernails into the sheet, managing to pull one corner off the mattress. She was oblivious to everything but my wife’s tongue. Her eyes were open but her gaze was vacant. She was lost in orgasm and the rest of the world didn’t matter. I really think at that moment she wasn’t even aware the rest of the world existed. Her legs tensed as she tried unsuccessfully to lift her hips off the bed. Megan’s pussy was lonely now, Lisa unable to tend to it. I thought of putting my finger in there to keep up her level of pleasure but remembered my promise not to interfere. I got a quick look at the expression on Megan’s face as it turned briefly my way. It really looked like Megan was getting a lot of pleasure from what she was causing Lisa to feel. That touched my heart as I saw evidence of the love she felt for her friend. The sight of Lisa’s juices on my wife’s cheeks was pretty erotic, also.

Lisa was screaming now but Megan didn’t let up. The sheet was off both top corners of the mattress and bunched up around Lisa’s hands. The mattress was exposed, disrupting the white continuity of the bed. Lisa suddenly released the sheet and dug her fingernails into Megan’s smooth ass cheeks. It looked painful for Megan but she still didn’t let up. Her skin was turning red around Lisa’s fingernails. The, suddenly, Lisa hit her peak. The intense pleasure was too much for her clit to endure. Drawing on Herculean strength, she rolled and pushed Megan off her body. On her side now, Lisa drew herself into a ball. She was panting and making a sound like she was crying softly. Her body trembled from time to time as the aftershocks passed through her. Megan and I watched, both silent.

Lisa finally relaxed. She was awake, but still and quiet. She was recovering. Megan got up and crawled over to me. As she pressed her lips to mine, I could smell Lisa’s pussy. The warmth of the kiss was punctuated by the taste of Lisa. We shared her friend’s flavor. I savored it from my wife’s mouth as I also enjoyed the feel of her breasts pressed against me, her nipples about as erect as I’d ever felt them. The heat of the kiss grew, our passion now released. Almost as one, as if by unspoken mutual consent, we slowly fell over to one side with me on top of Megan. I felt her legs open and I knew we wanted the same thing. I adjusted my position slightly. My dick was now in front of her pussy. As I pressed, my dick slid home into that familiar place. It was warmer and wetter than usual, a sign of how much Megan had enjoyed what she had been doing. I slid in easily, one stroke only to seat myself fully. Through the kiss, I heard her moaning into my mouth as I filled her. Her legs wrapped around the backs of my thighs to hold me tightly to her. She was lightly scratching my back with her fingernails. We fell into that primal rhythm, our bodies on autopilot performing the act as old as mankind.

I was so turned on by watching them that I knew I wouldn’t be able to last long. I did everything I could to not think of what Megan had just been doing because the memory crossing my mind would set me off. Fortunately, Megan had also been on the edge so I lasted long enough for her to cum. When I felt her grip my body tighter, her pussy pulse, and a higher pitched moan, I knew I could cum. I pressed hard down on her, forcing my cock as close to her cervix as possible, and unleashed a powerful spurt. My orgasm seemed to go on forever as the pent up excitement of watching was finally set free.

When I returned to the real world, I could feel Megan’s now sweaty body slowly starting to relax and release me. We fell apart in slow motion, our bodies reluctant to part. I opened my eyes for the first time since I had entered her. Her face was lovely, the cheeks still smeared with the drying remnants of Lisa’s orgasm. I felt so in love with her. I could feel it in my chest, in the pit of my stomach even.

When Megan spoke, it was a kind of strange conversation. We were discussing what she had done with Lisa. The way we talked about it was as if Lisa wasn’t there, even though she was inches away.

"I can’t believe I did that with her," Megan said, a laugh tingeing her voice.

"I’ll never forget it," I replied with intensity. I meant it.

"Yeah, guys fantasize about that." It was a statement of fact.

"Probably. This guy sure does." Ordinarily my words might have made her feel jealous. Not here. Not now. Not after what we had all done.

"I never thought I’d do that. It just kind of happened." She was quiet for a few minutes, thinking. Then, she continued. "I’m glad it happened." She looked over to Lisa, acknowledging her for the first time since she started speaking. Lisa smiled. Then, Lisa reached for her hand and squeezed it lightly. I could hear the storm outside now. The rain was being driven against the window by a strong wind. Inside the room, it was dry and comfortable. Safe.

Megan, holding Lisa’s hand, put both their hands on mine. “We need to do it together now. All three of us at the same time.” Again, it wasn’t a question but a statement of fact. She said it as casually as if she were saying it was time for us to eat dinner, or that we were going to take a shower. Lisa and I nodded.

We made love again, but this time the two women invited me to participate with them. We flowed from one position to another. Sometimes, I entered one woman from behind while she went down on the other woman’s pussy. One sat on my dick while the other licked the point where we were joined. That was interesting, feeling a tongue on my dick as it penetrated a pussy. She licked from my dick to my partner’s clit. A particularly memorable one was when the women sixty-nined and I fucked the one on top. Again, the one on the bottom ate her pussy while I screwed it. I lasted a long time because of all the orgasms I had experienced that day. When I finally came, I pulled out and Megan ate my cum from Lisa’s cunt. The rest of the afternoon passed that way, hours spent in bed. We tried every variation we could think of. I think we even invented a few new ones.

After we took a break for dinner, we returned to bed. I was worn out by all the activity of the afternoon, but the women could keep going. And they did. I watched and joined in when I could get it up. I fell asleep watching them do each other. The rest of the trip was spent the same way, mostly in the hotel room. In a way, it was silly to rent a hotel room. We could have done the same thing at home. I guess it was different doing it in a hotel.

On the way home, the women took turns driving. I stayed in the back seat, playing with the woman who wasn’t driving at the time. I’d like to say I had sex the entire way home, but that would be a lie. I couldn’t possibly have kept that up. Oh, there was sex, but in between there was lots of kissing and oral sex. We stayed low in the seat so passing cars on the interstate couldn’t see us. It was adventurous, like going parking when we were teenagers. It was a lot more fun than I ever had as a teenager, though. When we got home, we were all tired but smiling.

After we dropped off Lisa, Megan and I drove home while we talked about the weekend. It was apparent that we both enjoyed experimenting. It was a series of firsts. When we walked in the front door, I felt the familiar smell of home. It wasn’t the same, though. We had crossed boundaries since we had last been here. I was nervous about how that might affect our marriage, our relationship. It was what Megan said when we got in bed that night which finally put my fears at rest.

"I had fun trying new things," she said to me as I held her in the dark, her naked body feeling warm against mine. "I’m glad we did that, but I’m really glad that it’s you I came home to."

That’s all I needed to hear. I pulled her tighter against me and felt safe.

The End


She tipped her black derby hat forward as she sat at the table in the back of the restaurant. Her blond hair escaped around the edges of the hat, framing her jaw as she looked out past the people seated in the room to the sparkling blue waters off the coast of the Italian town. She drummed her slender fingers on the table while she waited for the young woman to bring her her caprese salad. She was on vacation; she’d arrived a few days before the rest of her family and she wanted to explore the small fishing town. She’d been to the church and up the hill to the old castle ruins. Now here she was, a day to spend before she had to be anywhere, and nothing to do.

He caught her eye as soon as he entered the restaurant. As he pulled the sunglasses off his face and scanned the people inside she drank in the look of him. His white shirt and blue shorts proclamed him to be a tourist. His dark brown hair waved in the slight breeze that came in off the water. He had the tanned look of someone who spends much of the time outside; his clothes proclaimed that he was well off.

His eyes scanned the whole restaurant in a steady sweep. As they passed briefly over her, locked for a split second, she drew a sharp breath. They passed on. She drummed her fingers again on the table. How the hell could he have done that to her in the meerest instant of eye contact? She looked down at the table. Don’t engage. You don’t want to be tortured. But it was too much. Again and again she raised her eyes to watch as he was seated at the table by the window. He sat, facing her, reading the menu. He occasionally glanced up and around the room - as if seeking something he knew was there but couldn’t quite find.

Stop it. She kept telling herself, but she could not shake the feeling that was starting to blossom inside her as she looked again and again at this man across the room.

Finally, their eyes met again. And held. Then his slow smile - one side of his mouth first, then the other - melted her heart as he gazed steadly back into her now-steady look. She smiled back at him, then looked away suddenly aware that she had a salad placed in front of her. When had the waitress come? She glanced back at him; still! he looked at her; his eyes were drinking in every detail of her. Oh! to be devoured by him… NO! She slammed her eys back to her food.

She forced herself to take a bite. Another. A third. Finally, with half the salad gone she risked a glance back up at him.

He was gone.


She frantically searched around the room. Nothing. He had been there! Hadn’t he? That beautiful stranger…

A voice over her shoulder.

"Did you lose something?"

It was him! Oh God. She spun in her seat. He was standing on the other side of the booth.

"I saw you and I thought that I would come say hello. My name is…"

"Don’t tell me."


"I guess I was pretty obvious."

"Me too. Come with me."

She took the hand that he held out to her, noticing that it was slightly rough. That touch alone sent thrills through her body. He lead her back around the booth, down the narrow hall, to an unmarked door.

He spun her against the wall and kissed her in one swift motion. Totally in control. His hands felt up the sides of her body from the hips to her shoulders; she was lost at that first kiss, there was no turning back now; she was his.

She fumbled with the belt on the shorts. Her hand grazed the bulge forming just below and she inhaled sharply; he was enormous. The heat that had been smoldering inside of her blossomed up and she felt the damp, hot, wetness start to drip between her legs.

Finally, she got his pants down. Dropping to her knees in front of him she flicked her tongue out, wiping across the head of his cock and tasting him. Immediately his cock swelled to its full size in her hand. Unable to get her hand all the way around the shaft, she opened her mouth as wide as she could and closed her lips around the head of his cock, letting her tongue swirl all around it.

Eagerly she continued to suck his cock; she noticed that she was now able to get about half of it into her mouth as she bobbed back and forth. He rolled his head back and sighed. She started to moan and he groaned. Her cheeks billowing as she struggled to swallow the cum that was filling her mouth, she fought to savor every drop. Cum leak out the corner of her mouth and dribbled down her chin as she continued to gulp and swallow. Finally he stopped cumming and she licked and sucked the last of it from his cock before letting it out of her mouth. She used a finger to scoop up the glob of cum that had dribbled down her chin and licked it off too.


"You are so big."

"Do you like that?"

"Yes. You should know that I don’t usually do this."

"I can tell."

"No. I’m serious. I have a boyfriend."

"Not today, you don’t. Today, you’re for me."

She couldn’t say anything to that, because he was kissing her again. And his hand was reaching down. Down into her. His fingers probed the fire inside her and she blossomed again and again. Wave after wave of hot juice spilled out of her as his hand worked farther into her body; this thumb made circles and traced patterns on her clit; she clung to him as he forced her to the strongest climax she’d ever known.

"Ugh! Oh my God!"

"That was amazing."

She breathed deeply, “What do we do now?”

"Now," he whispered, "We start again."

Blonde Yearning

Sitting down at her desk, still wet from the rain, the girl with blonde hair eased out of her yellow rain boots and tossed back her damp hair. She’d just driven through a monsoon to get back in time for a little light reading before an afternoon art class. Her white skirt was soaked through and would have shown the bottom outline of her panties were she wearing any. She thought underwear restrictive and unnecessary and frequently went without it.

Pulling the scarf tighter around her slender throat, she opened her computer, still displaying the curious page a friend had sent her. “Read this,” he’d said. “And tell me what you think.” So far it was captivating, a perfect tonic for a rainy Tuesday afternoon in the office of the government building. Adjusting the straps of her white push-up bra, now blatantly visible through the saturated blouse that clung to her curves, she fell into the story, forgetting where she was long enough to hike up the see-through skirt that drooped around her ankles to just above her clean-shaven white knees. When the wet cotton slipped onto her thighs, she quickly looked up and around the room at the dull faces of the other people in the office, reminding herself that this was neither the time nor the place to slide a hand up her skirt; she’d have to wait ‘til she got home. For the present, therefore, she would just enjoy the ripples emulating from her vagina, growing stronger every second as his words flowed out through the monitor and into her bright blue eyes, changing them ever so slightly green as the bubbles began to rise inside her.

‘Holy fuck,’ she thought, ‘I never knew he had it in him. I wonder where he gets all this specific detail…’ But it didn’t matter anymore: she was hard up and turned on. Turquoise eyes glued to the page, the taboo titillation unfolding on the screen matched the arousal rising from her labium, spreading quickly upwards as she scrolled quickly down. The lovers were having a late-night basement orgy and the sordid and interdict commingling was almost too much to take. Despite her demure appearance – a blue blouse tucked in to her waist-high white skirt like a 1950s housewife – she was a dirty blonde whore at heart, replete with fishnets and garter belts and black lace panties with pink ribbons hidden in her drawers at home. She also shaved her pussy completely once a week, just in case.

Getting more engrossed with the story, and more engorged in her groin, she ran her fingers through her hair to clear the line of sight to the screen, and feeling the sensation of skin on flesh, her checks flushed with desire and her heartbeat quickened. ‘I might just cum right here,’ she mused, adjusting herself so her clitoris was pressing down on the soft pad of the chair. ‘Oh, god, I want to. But no… The crescendo is as enticing as the climax is exhilarating. I’ll keep reading.’ As her gaze perused the lascivious story, she began to tingle and twist from the core of her blossoming moistness to the roots of her now tousled blonde hair, pushed back off her flushing face as she struggle to contain the swelling inside. As the lovers began to grunt and grown, sweat and sodomize, so too did her skin begin to glisten and her asshole ached for its first penetration. She’d been close a few times but had never been fully conquered and now, sitting in the office with nothing but a teacup and her glasses on the table, the AC turned up so high her nipples were poking through the still-wet and sticking shirt, she wanted nothing more than to be thrown down on her desk, have her skirt flung up over her head and soundly pounded from behind, clutching the edge just to keep from falling off and biting her lip to quell the screams of pleasure that would yearn to gush forth as he gushed into her.

She licked her lips and struggled for control as she forced herself back to work; but she was never able to shake the warm, amazing feeling he gave her just through his words.


Jen’s brain felt as shriveled as a discarded Christmas walnut found behind the sideboard in July. The dehydrated nerves twanged painfully inside her skull as she struggled to open her eyes. The malicious glare of the midday sun made her regret it almost instantly. Attempting to dislodge the crust that had embellished her eyes overnight, she forced herself up in bed. Her stomach gave an ominous gurgle, threatening to give her a more physical demonstration of why it isn’t a good idea to share three bottles of wine with your best friend on an empty stomach before enjoying several inexpertly mixed almost-White Russians and a couple of whiskey nightcaps. ‘Coffee,’ she thought, ‘that will sort me out.’

Tumbling out of bed and narrowly avoiding smacking her head on the desk, she was surprised to discover she was still wearing her shoes. Kicking them off, she pulled on her jogging shorts and BSU hoodie and manhandled her thick and tangled curls into a hair-band. She kept her gaze firmly averted from the traitorous mirror. Nobody could be friends with their reflection on a day like this.

Delicately she traversed her way through the piles of recycling and laundry that cluttered the hall. She could hear the cat meowing somewhere and hoped it wasn’t trapped beneath another pile of newspapers. Hands sticking out from her sides like a tight-rope walker she was cursing herself for not changing the lightbulb when a streak of white fur dashed out in front of her making her lose her balance and go crashing into the mountain bike propped precariously against the wall. The resulting noise must have been loud enough to wake her flatmate and she winced at her inconsideration (after all, he’d had a heavy night too), as well the pain from the graze on her shin as she limped towards his room to check. Of course it was his stupid bike so it was his own stupid fault if he got rudely awakened by it; she thought bitterly as she felt a trickle of blood run down to her foot.

She could see a crack of light coming from his partly opened door and breathed a mental sigh of relief. At least she hadn’t woken him but who the hell pisses around with Linux at this hour on a Sunday morning?

Once in the kitchen, trying to forget the inhospitable wasteland that nine hours of drinking had made of their living room, she stuck the kettle on to boil and got out two mugs. Most people might not have had such a crisis of conscience over waking up their flatmate at 11.45, and Jen had never been that sort of overly-cautious co-habitor that tiptoes around mouse-like afraid to cause any offence. But she owed James a hell of a lot for putting her up here and she had also never been one to be unmindful when a great favour was bestowed upon her. After her ex had kicked her out of their flat, refusing to give her back her share of the deposit of course, James swooped in to catch her as she fell. He offered her shelter and respite from the pain. He listened to her rail against the injustice of losing her flat to the cheating fucker who wasn’t content to destroy everything good in his own life but felt the need to turn against everyone close to him. He listened to her sob over her lost DVDs, sound system and the pair of Kurt Geiger wedges she’d accidently left under the bed, as well as a good two years of her life. He poured her glasses of wine, handed her tissues and stroked her hair. With the patience and calm of Phra Kaew he dissipated the fire that smouldered inside her, threatening to consume her and blacken her soul. He stopped her from turning into a pile of resentful ash and for that she would always be grateful.

The hot tea burned the knuckle of her curled index finger through the ceramic that was cheerfully adorned with a cute teddy bear and the words ‘Good friends make life bearable.’ She picked her way through the hall more carefully this time, not wishing to scald herself or alert James to her presence. A nice cup of tea brought by your flatmate is always nicer when it’s a surprise. She nudged the door open and froze on the threshold. He hadn’t noticed her yet. Setting down the mugs on the bookshelf she drank in the sight of him. Naked except for a laughable pair of Batman boxers he sat on the bed facing a screen showing a writhing woman, his fist wrapped around an impressive length of hardened flesh. The unexpected nature of that sight notwithstanding, the image did something to her, flicked a switch deep inside and, without meaning to, she made the smallest gasp. Though the noise was slight it somehow penetrated his haze of arousal. He glanced up sharply and there was genuine fear in his eyes. Perversely, that look hit her even harder.

In the next few seconds, he tried to simultaneously cover his member, search for an explanation, dither between apology and outrage at her invading his personal space, and even to reach for the monitor’s off button before his panicked hungover brain told him it was a bit late for that. She sat herself on the bed next to him.

'Keep going.'

The words hung weighty in the air between them. Her unexpected demand trapped his prepared speech in his throat; all he could get out was ‘Are you…?’ before the words failed him. There was a look in her eyes that he couldn’t fully fathom, but it spoke to him nonetheless. Uncovering his member and gripping himself once again, he began to move his fist up and down. His progress was slow, teasing. He liked to stroke himself gently, his fingers feeling like little more than someone’s hot breath caressing his skin. He watched her watching him. What was going on inside her mind? Why was she here? Why was he letting her watch him like this?

'What do you think about?' she asked.

He had been so absorbed in her face he almost missed her words. It took him a while to process what she’d said. She seemed to take this hesitance as shyness and her voice was gentle when she next spoke. ‘Tell me.’

'I think about women,' he said, and then felt like an idiot. A slight smirk creased the corners of her eyes. It was a familiar smile, not mocking but friendly, and it relaxed him.

'I think about fucking women.'

'Like the woman on your computer screen?'

'Yes, her, I suppose.'

'Do you know her?'


'And how do you think she would feel if she knew the disgusting thoughts going through your head right now?'

The edge in her voice threw him off guard. What was happening? Embarrassed, startled, his hand released his cock and he stammered for an answer.

'I.. I don… I..'

Suddenly her hand was gripping him by the hair, not to cause him pain but as a friendly warning, to let him know who was in charge.

'Did I tell you to stop?'

Obediently, the growl of her voice speaking to some animal instinct, he took a hold of himself again. Stammering and unsure he blurted out his apology.

'Don't be sorry, darling,' she said. Her tone was gentle and she leaned in close to him, her breasts brushing his arm, her hot breath on the nape of his neck. 'Just keep going. Tell me what you've been doing to this woman in that perverted little mind of yours.'

James gulped, groping for the right words, wanting to keep her happy, wanting to keep her next to him.

'I think about how it feels… how her… you know.'

'Her cunt.'

'Yeah, yeah how.. that, how it would feel.' He was embarrassed by her choice of words and couldn't bring himself to say it. It seemed so dirty, not the sort of thing he'd expect to come out of the mouth of such a nice girl.

'And would it be nice and wet for you, James? Ready to receive you?'

'Yes. Yes, that's right she's soaking.' It came out almost as a moan. From somewhere, though he had no idea where, he was finding the confidence to talk to her. Why was he telling her this? Why did she want to know? 'I run my finger over the lips of her pussy. They're so swollen, engorged.' She looked impressed at his linguistic skills, or at least he thought she did. 'I can hear her gasp as I stroke her. I like teasing her, teasing myself, switching between sliding my finger along her clit, and circling the entrance. I know what it's going to feel like when I slide my fingers in but I like to build the anticipation, tease her 'til she wants it more than anything.' Jen shifted on the bed next to him. Her breathing was getting heavier and he could smell a faint trace of sex as she exhaled. He was doing well. Feeling more confident he tightened his grip and began to move his hand harder, faster up and down the length of himself.

'I watch her face contort with pleasure, savour the moans she's making. She's desperate to feel me touch her more intimately.' Where the hell was all this coming from? It was like fucking poetry: he was impressed with himself. And she was enjoying it, he could tell. 'And when I push my fingers in she's so hot, so tight. She twists her body in response to my touch, lifting her hips, pushing against the palm of my hand as I move my fingers inside her. She grips the bed sheets and bites her lip, feeling herself getting close. She grinds against the flat of my hand, stimulating her clit and I make her come, hard. Her muscles pulse around me, tugging on my fingers and her body's shaking. Her juices leak out onto my hand like… I don't know, like liquid silk.' He hoped that simile had been good enough for her. He sneaked a furtive glance at her face, hoping to see a flicker of reciprocated arousal, or indeed any sign of approval register there.

'Keep talking,' she said, giving nothing away. 'What do you want to do next?'

'I want her to straddle my face, I want to be surrounded by her.' James wasn't sure but he felt like he saw a flicker of surprise cross Jen's perfectly impassive face. Maybe she'd pegged him differently. He continued, eager to see if he could surprise her again. 'I lick her and feel her move against my tongue. She's pushing her cunt into my face.' He used her word. Cunt. It felt liberating, sexy, what had he been embarrassed about?

'She's in the right position to suck my cock,' he continued, empowered by his own audacity, 'and I keep licking her as she takes me in her mouth.'

'And how does her mouth feel, James?'

'Good. It feels really good.' That wasn't enough and he knew it. He opened his mouth to add something more intelligent but she interrupted him.

'Does she tease you with her tongue?' He nodded emphatically, his hand still moving, still working on his erection. He hadn't been this hard in a long time. The presence of her, the smell of her next to him was driving him crazy. He knew she must be as turned on as he was. That her cunt was wet. He could smell it. He wanted to ask her to… but he couldn't do it, knew he mustn't do it. It would have broken the spell.

'She circles the head, doesn't she, flicking the tip of her tongue delicately, making you shiver.' James felt an involuntary shudder run up his spine. Her voice was low and resonated with pure carnality. She really knew what she was doing. 'She grips the base of your cock, gently stroking it in time with the strokes of her tongue. Then she wraps her lips around you and begins to swallow you, inch by inch until she has your whole length in her mouth.' She placed her hand on the inside of his thigh. It was such a simple gesture, friendly almost, but it sent a jolt of electricity right through him. He felt her begin to slide her palm lazily, inexorably towards his manhood. He felt like he was going to explode. Somewhere deep inside a truly monumental orgasm was beginning to build but he wanted to hold it off, wanted her to keep talking. 'God, she's good,' he thought, 'she must have done this before.'

Through a fog of lust James could hear her as she continued: ‘you start to move your hips, fucking her mouth as she sucks you off. Your face is still enveloped in her cunt and your incessant tongue continues its work. She squirms in pleasure on your chest as you slide your fingers in, desperate to make her come again. She spreads her thighs wider and lets you fuck her with your fingers as you fuck her mouth. You’re both getting close now, so close…’

'Oh God, yes, I'm so fucking close!' The words came out in a rush and James's fist was pumping faster than ever when suddenly a gasp of shock escaped him. She'd grabbed him by the balls. Her grip was far from gentle and he wracked his brain trying to think how he might have offended her this time, how he could possibly remedy the situation.

'You really are a filthy boy, aren't you?' A hesitant 'yes' issued from his lips. His eyes were wide open, praying she'd release him if he agreed. He stiffened with fear as she leant in but, with an unexpected tenderness, she did nothing more than plant a kiss on the vulnerable spot just below his ear. Her grip relaxed. She flexed her fingers around him, massaging him, and he breathed an audible sigh of relief.

'Come for me, darling,' she murmured, 'Come for me.' And he did. In that moment, her breath hot on his neck and her breasts grazing his upper arm, he would have done anything to please her. His head was thrown back and Jen could only see the whites of his eyes as the viscous fluid spattered across his stomach. She leant back and surveyed her conquered hero. He was a glorious mess. The throbbing between her legs was almost unbearable but that rush of power, of inspiring someone else's pleasure, was coursing through her veins. She was giddy with elation as she turned to leave and then remembered:

'Oh by the way, could you pop to the newsagent? We've run out of milk. Cheers mate.' And with that she returned to her room.


My package was fairly large. The brown paper crinkled as I shifted it under my arm, almost pulling off the string it was tied with. I hadn’t see many old-school parcels like this so far; I’d only had the courier job for about a month. I guess you could say I lacked experience in certain areas. The bright red uniform made me feel like a bit of a joke, and it offered little protection against the winter chill that hung, freezing, in the drab grey corridor. The windows overlooking the hotel car park far below were open, letting in a sharp, icy wind that bit at my neck and hands. I flexed my fingers and clenched my jaw to stop my teeth from chattering as I walked. At least it wasn’t raining outside – that would make the bike ride back an absolute nightmare.

"Ten-oh-five, ten-oh-six, ten-oh-seven," I muttered to myself, "wait." Checking the address on the parcel, I doubled back. Room 1006. The mahogany panelling of the door whispered class, as did the neat little golden numbers inscribed on it. The hallways might have had no proper heating and questionable decor, but the rooms in that place cost an absolute bomb. I stepped up to the door and knocked twice, then winced, cursing quietly. Cold knuckles. After a few seconds of waiting, I heard the familiar sound of a body pressing against the other side, looking through the peephole. A sardonic wave was my usual response to this, but all I could do tonight was shiver and breathe clouds into the chill air. A loud click, and the door slowly swung inwards to reveal – her.

Long black hair. Steely blue eyes. Pretty, pale skin. Only a few lines across the brow to betray her years. Her shapely figure was tucked into tight jeans and a tank-top, covered by a little jacket that clung to her chest and shoulders. All black. All woman. She leaned against the doorframe, hips cocked at an angle, like a loaded Magnum revolver. The top had ridden up ever so slightly at the bottom, exposing a tiny sliver of waist. From the leather boots to the relaxed, curious half-smile, she owned herself. She stood between me and her territory, like a mountain lion.

"Can I help you?" Her voice was calm, measured. Mature. It purred beneath like a well-tuned Harley, with quiet confidence.

I tried to recover as quickly as I could, tugging hard on the reins of my imagination, now very aware of my stupid red cap. I attempted a grown-up “package for you, Ma’am,” but my teeth had started chattering again, and it came out as a confused mumble. Her expression jumped into a look of surprise as her breath rose in a fine mist before her face.

"Wow," she remarked, "pretty cold out here, huh?"

Giving up on speech, I simply nodded and held up the parcel. She reached out with one hand and took it, glancing at the label with what I fancied to be a small grin creeping across her face. Casually tossing it inside, her gaze turned back to me.

"Busy night?"

"Yes, Ma’am," I finally managed, "only just finished." I gestured behind her. "You were my last."

It wasn’t rare that I’d strike up conversations with the people I delivered to. Mostly they were friendly types. Old and lonely. But she didn’t strike me as particularly old. Mid-thirties, forty at the most. As for lonely, who’s to say?

"Fancy coming inside for a while?" My stomach swooped. "You look ready to collapse," she went on, "better warm yourself up."

Without waiting for a response, she leaned towards me. I felt her hand grip my shoulder, guiding me forwards over the threshold. There was another click as the door closed behind me, and I was suddenly assaulted by warmth. The heat cascaded over me in waves, gently easing off the cold. The room was nice. A wide leather couch faced the lit fireplace opposite the door. A small walk-in kitchen stood to my right, a big armchair to my left. The parcel sat on the counter-top, next to what looked like a large remote control. I did a double-take as I realised one of the huge windows above the fire was actually a glossy black plasma TV. Instinctively I took a step towards it.

"Excuse me, Mister," she said. I looked around and saw her leaning against the door. She pointed with one long finger towards my feet. Glancing down, I noticed a single dirty footprint on the laminated wooden floor.

"Oh! Sorry about that," I mumbled apologetically, kneeling down to remove my shoes. I felt her leg brush past me as she moved to the kitchenette, tightly encased in those dark jeans.

"Can I get you anything to drink?" She asked, "I got milk, juice, beer…"

"Just water would be great, thanks," I replied gratefully. The shoes eventually came off and I pushed them aside with my foot, knocking against a pair of boots next to the door. Straightening up, I glanced over to the fridge, where she was bent at the waist, reaching into the cooler at the bottom. Her figure was astounding from such an angle. All tight curves and long, smooth lines. She stood up herself, drawing out a bottle of red wine and a couple of glasses. She turned and I sharply moved my gaze back up to face-level.

"Take a seat over there," she commanded, twitching her head towards the couch. A little smile curved the corners of her lips. I moved obligingly around the left side, setting myself down between the cushions. After a few moments of silence, save for a soft splashing, I heard her footsteps on the polished oak. She leisurely entered my view from the right, setting a glass onto the little coffee table in front of me, then sliding slowly down on the seat next to me.

It tasted sour in my mouth. Trying not to shudder, I swallowed the last of my second glass. I can’t stand red wine. We made conversation while we drank. Her name was Monica and she liked listening to orchestral film scores when it rained. She dressed as her favourite extras from cult movies. When she was younger she made a killing in the stock market and spent her time since then hopping between lush hotel rooms, never staying in one city for too long. She lived alone and divided her time between working out, watching films and writing. Her wealth of experience would have intimidated anyone like me. I had no real life of my own back then. I was young, fresh out of sixth form, aimless and institutionalised. This woman had a grip over me that no mere girl could muster.

The gap between us had disappeared. I felt the press of her thigh on mine and stared nervously at my empty glass.

"You know what kind of things I write?" She whispered. I had no idea her face was so close. I heard the fluttering of her eyelashes and felt the heat on her breath. I was electrified by the vibrations in her throat as she sighed softly. Her hand crept into view and settled on my leg. I looked up and into her eyes. They bored into me confidently as she looked me up and down. Her tongue slowly flicked up and down over her lips as she murmured into my ear, enunciating every syllable.


My imagination went wild as Monica immersed herself in it, sinking as if into a steaming bath. Her hand moved lazily up my leg, grazing the hardness there. I inhaled sharply, and slowly she rose from her seat, never shifting her piercing gaze from me. Languidly, she started to circle me in my seat. She moved lightly around, talking all the way.

"I wrote a story the other day. About a woman," she confided. "She was all alone. She was interested in things." I lost sight of her as she passed behind me. I was frozen in the moment, afraid that any untoward action might shatter it. "She had desires. She needed release." I felt her hair fall across my shoulder as she leant over me. Her lips, soft and warm, brushed against my cheek. Into my ear she breathed, "do you know what I mean?"

"She needed sex."

I stiffened. Her hands were on my shoulders. They squeezed, and slid downwards. Over my chest they ran, down past my navel, touching the buttons at my waist, toying with them. Suddenly, they fell away, one caressing my face as she continued her circle. I first saw a fingernail, trailing languorously on the armrest. Then, a leather boot on either side as she stood over me, hands on hips. With a deft flick of her shoulders, she shrugged off the jacket. The tank top revealed the line of her cleavage, breasts heaving against the fabric with her slow, heavy breath. Leaning in, she planted her knees either side of me, straddling my now painful erection. Gripping my head in two hands and forcing it back, she moved her face towards mine. She hovered over me, our parted lips mere millimetres away, for a moment I thought would last forever.

"You’re mine now."

She kissed me fiercely, tongue and teeth moving wildly. Biting, pressing, pushing against each other. Hard in the heat. My hands on her waist, grinding against her, the denim heating up from constant, furious rubbing. I grew harder, straining against the material between us. She felt it and grunted softly with satisfaction. We went on like that for a while – I don’t know how long. Her rocking back and forth on top while I stared at her body. Eventually, slowly, painfully, she pulled away. Her tongue lagged behind, drawing a thin rope of saliva between our moistened lips.

She curled her mouth into a smile and leaned further back. Our rope snapped, and fell onto the curve of her left breast. Taking a hand from my side, she pressed it against her chest and rubbed it in little circles, spreading it, pushing it into herself. The hand lowered leisurely towards the black fabric of her top until a finger extended beneath it. As I watched her wrist flick back and forth, her face softened and her eyes closed. In the silence I could just make out a quiet sigh. The sharp angle of her knuckle penetrated the soft, round line of the material, whispering as it brushed over her skin.

Without opening her eyes, she placed her other hand on my belt buckle. There was a sudden click and the pressure in my jeans slackened slightly. My cock strained furiously, pressing into her as she slid backwards over my knees. Taking her time, she tugged at the material. She dragged it down past my hips, exposing my underwear, over the strong, throbbing muscle that hid beneath it. As it passed the threshold, my boxers suddenly tented upwards and pointed towards her chin. That seemed to be enough. With a small purring sound, she returned to her straddling position over me. Slowly, she lowered her denim-bound crotch onto mine, and I shivered at the heat of her sex.

One hand on my stomach, the other seizing my hair, again we kissed passionately, tongues sliding over one another, exploring inside. Her strong, slippery tongue pushed hard against mine, wrestling it to the floor of my mouth. All the while her other hand raked fingernails softly towards the tip of my eager cock. I held her as close as I could, hands wrapped tight around her waist. I pulled desperately, needing her more than I’d needed anything in my life. I felt sudden warmth as she dipped into my boxers, and a chill as she suddenly gripped me, pulling my skin forward and squeezing torturously. My hands went to the back of her head, now kissing with a renewed vigour. She pumped my cock faster and faster as I writhed helplessly beneath her. She kneeled steadily over me, moving slowly and with complete power.

Pleasure built in the pit of my stomach. She held it back behind sturdy floodgates, enjoying the struggling creature of need that held her close. Moving with a careful purpose, she withdrew slightly, moaning softly into me as we parted. Splayed fingers directed my cock upwards and her jeans suddenly fell away. She rose on her knees, and I felt a pair of lips touch against the end of my self. Not moving, she gazed into my eyes. I resisted the overpowering urge to thrust into her, waiting for the moment. It came in waves as she bounced up and down, her covered breasts moving with her, her back slowly arching as soft wetness enclosed the tip of my pulsing cock. She leaned backwards, allowing me a view of her soft pink stomach as the black top rode up past her navel. I couldn’t hold back a few gasps of pleasure as I felt my cock sliding more and more easily through her lower lips. The bouncing stopped for a painful few seconds as she hovered on the tip of my hard, slippery cock. She leaned forwards again, hair falling around my face, pulling the curtains over our expressions of animal desire. She stared piercingly into my eyes, taking in my look and slowly extracting her satisfaction from it. Her tongue slipped out from between her lips, flicking over them, moistening them. It drew tantalisingly close to me, and I leaned into the kiss.

It didn’t come. Her hands had left the base of my cock and pinned me into the couch by the shoulders. I struggled against it, desperate to feel her lips on mine, but she held me firm. There was another pause, and the silence was punctuated only by the sound of my heavy breaths. She hovered, pushing me down. I tensed in my seat. Toes curled. Muscles strained. A single rivulet of sweat appeared on her forehead and ran between her eyes to hang on the tip of her nose. It stayed there for a moment.

Suddenly she rammed herself down onto me, taking in my entire length at once. We cried out together as she started riding my cock furiously up and down. Her fingernails dug into my flesh and I grew harder than ever as her breasts bounced in rhythm with our strong, relentless lovemaking. She fell completely onto me, and I began to thrust up into her, as far as I could, desperate to hear her grunt and moan with unstoppable animalistic passion. I gripped her around the thighs, ramming her down with each push until I could feel the deepest parts of her closing, pulsing, throbbing around me. Her height towered over me, so I clenched my teeth on the fabric of her top, which ground against my face maddeningly. Pulling hard, I tore it open with a loud ripping sound. She cried out with surprise and the thrill of my desire for her.

Her full, beautiful breasts fell out, still shining with my stolen saliva. The nipples were stiff with arousal, awaiting my teeth and tongue. I obliged, my lips sliding, tongue pressing, mouth sucking, teeth biting. I was rewarded with the sound of her moans, growing ever louder and further out of her control. My thrusts went deep, all the way. The occasional few gasped, sighed words escaped her mouth; dirty, senseless, exciting. I wanted her all over me. Wet, soft, warm and grinding against my chest. I felt my orgasm building quickly, spiralling out of my reach. I couldn’t stop it now. Her skin on mine, pussy clenching around me, the incredible heat and fury of our fucking all urged me towards a shuddering explosion inside her. Too late to slow down, I seized her by the hair and pushed her lips against mine. Our tongues found each other as I thrust deep, one last time, my hand in the small of her back, holding her steady on top of me. I burst into her, spilling my heat inside. It wouldn’t stop pumping for what felt like forever. Quickly her fingers dived down and deftly started sliding around the outside of her pussy. Whatever she was doing, it made her back arch at an incredible angle, her muscles gripping my cock painfully, milking it for every last drop. She shook violently, gasping for breath, her other hand raking across my face, now tightening around my throat. I too was left struggling to breathe as she shuddered on top of me, mouth opening and closing silently, eyes wide, completely taken by the force of her orgasm.

When it was over, she finally collapsed onto me. Drenched in sweat, we stained the leather of the couch and held each other close, each savouring the afterglow, feeling as the other’s breathing slowed to normal. We lay there until morning came, myself inside her all night long. The fire died to embers beside us, still adding to the heat in the room, mingling with the heat of our bodies, enclosing us in its warmth. Light filtered softly in through the windows, bringing us slowly back to life. Her eyes eventually fluttered open in front of me, and, after a moment of confusion, settled on mine. Her expression was soft, vulnerable. Nothing like the night before. Hesitantly, she parted her lips to speak. I still do not know what she meant to say. Our kiss was gentle, sucking all the fear from her body. I wrapped my arms tightly around her, and held her there forever.

Laura and Becca came over to Ali’s house to watch a movie while their respective parents went to a holiday dinner party. “We’ll be back soon, girls,” Ali’s mom had told them. “Enjoy yourselves and be good!”The parents climbed into their cars and headed out in to the gently falling snow.

The girls sat down to watch some TV. After flipping channels for a bit, Becca went to the kitchen to see what was in the fridge. She looked out the window, “Oh wow, guys! Look at the snow! It’s coming down like crazy now… I’ll be our folks won’t get back tonight. They’ll have to stay over.”

The snow was coming down in thick flakes and had already drifted high up against the side of the house. The thick flurries whirled around past the window as the wind picked up.The other two girls came over to the window.

"Yah," said Laura, "there’s no way that they’re getting back in this." As she turned around, she spied a wrapped package on the kitchen table."What’s that?" she asked Ali.

"Oh! That’s the bottle of scotch my parents were going to bring to the party. I guess they left it behind." She licked her lips. "Want to open it? I’m sure they’ll just figure one of your parents picked it up and brought it!"

"I’m not sure," Becca said nerviously.

"Oh, yah!" Laura piped up. "Let’s do it. But we should play a game with it."

"Like what?" Ali inquired.

"Poker?" Becca offered.

"Great!" Laura crowed. "I’ll get the chips." She ran off into Ali’s bedroom and came back in a moment with cards and a set of poker chips.

"We don’t need chips," Becca said with a smile, "We can bet clothes!"

"STRIP POKER!?" the other two chorused.Becca looked nerviously down again,

"Well, not if you don’t want to. But I thought that it would be fun."

Ali and Laura looked at each other. They couldn’t believe that their shy friend was suggesting such a game. All three of the girls had been friends since they were in diapers, and this was coming as a shock to them.

"Of course! Let’s do it." Ali said, just to reassure Becca. The other girl’s eyes brightened and she smiled at her friend. "But you’ll have to refresh me on the rules, I’m not sure I’ll win this."

"Why don’t we choose each round if we want to bet a drink or a piece of clothing?" Laura suggested. She picked up the wrapped bottle and tore the red bow off it with a ripping sound of tearing paper. It was Johny Walker Blue, a very expensive drink. "Oh well! Finders, keepers!"

The girls went back into Ali’s room and sat down on the bed. Laura, in her pink tank top and blue boy shorts delt the cards. Ali bet first.”I’ll drink one sip.”

Becca was next. She considered her hand, then said, “A piece of clothing.”

"Wait," said Ali. "Who determines what piece?"

"I think that the winner should," smiled Laura as she looked at Becca’s short skirt over the top of her cards. They were all sitting cross legged on the bed and she could see the shadowed hollow of the skirt - and that Becca wasn’t wearing any underwear!


"I’ll bet a drink," Laura finished the round. "Show down!"

"I win!" exclaimed Becca with some relief. "You two, take your drinks!"

Ali took the first sip. The smooth liquid ran scalding down her throat, but she didn’t cough or splutter. A soft radient glow started to build up in her belly. She passed the bottle to Laura who also took her (large) sip.”Shit! That’s good stuff.”

Ali smiled, “So I deal now?” She delt around the circle again.

"Drink," said Becca with a smile. "I guess I do want to try that."

"Clothes," said Laura with a look at her cards.

"Clothes," said Ali. "Show ‘em."

"You win!" exclaimed Laura! "I was sure I’d beat you. Well, what do I have to take off?" she asked as Becca took her first hesitant sip at the scotch.

"How about your shirt?" Ali said. She didn’t expect Laura to do it, but that big sip must have gone right to her head because she yanked her pink tank top right off with out comment or question.

Her small, firm breasts stuck out from her chest just barely cupped by a white lace bra. Ali and Becca could clearly see her small nipples through the lace as they started to get hard in the mildly cool air of the rooom.

Becca took another sip from the bottle. “Man, that’s good!” Her eyes were glued on Laura.

"Well, it’s your turn to deal," Ali passed the cards to her.

"Drink," said Laura.

"Drink," said Ali.

"Clothes," said Becca. "Show."

Laura won and Ali took a second swig from the bottle. The liquid gushed into her mouth and she swallowed more than she’d expected. She choaked slightly and coughed.

"Easy, killer!" Laura said, but her eyes were on Becca as she considered what article of clothing to remove. Becca shifted her legs closed, as if she just realized that she was vulnerable.


"Oh… ok. Are you sure?"


Becca stood up on the bed. Slowly, she slid her fingers into the top of the skirt and worked it down over her hips. Then she let it drop to the covers.She stood there, wearing only her tank top.

Ali gasped. “Oh my god, Becca! You shave your pussy?”

Becca sat back down with her hands in her lap. She blushed, “Yes. I like the way it feels that way..”

"It’s beautiful," Laura said. "Don’t you shave your’s?"

"Well… yes," admitted Ali. "But I had a boyfriend last summer. He wanted me to - but I guess I just really liked it that way."

"I don’t," said Laura. "But now that I know it looks like that… I just might! Can I touch it?"


"I don’t want to force you. I just wanted to know if I could touch it."

Becca looked at her friend. Ali couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “Yes, you can.”

Laura reached across Ali’s bed and gently put her fingers on Becca’s bare pussy. Becca gasped and a little spasm went up her body, but she didn’t pull away and she didn’t move her hands which were grasping the covers of the bed behind her.

"It’s beautiful! I love how smooth it is!"

"Well, I wish I had breasts like yours. My nipples are too big," Becca said. She reached out and cupped Laura’s breast with her hand. "And they’re just the right size. Mine are a handful!" She cupped her own large breast with her other hand.

"You’re both beautiful," Ali said. The warm liquid in her stomach was having an effect. But she was also feeling another warmth spreading from between her legs.

"You’re beautiful too, Ali," Laura said. "Can I see your shaved pussy too?"

"You want to?"

"Yes. I really do."

Ali considered, but her head was spinning from the drink and from the scene she was seeing in front of her.”

I guess.”

"I’ll help you," said Becca. "While were at it, we could look at yours too, Laura."

"That’s a good idea."

The girls started to help each other undress. Their clothes piled up on the bed around them until they were all naked and admiring each other. Laura’s fingers stroked the smooth outside of Ali’s pussy and Becca’s twined in Laura’s pubic hair. Ali gasped as Laura’s fingers suddenly slipped up and into her. Her whole body shuddered and shook as the foreign object entered her.

The finger slipped out.”Are you ok?” Laura asked. “I don’t want to do anything you don’t like.”

"Oh." Ali was still shuddering. She hadn’t had anything inside her since the summer when her boyfriend had…

"I’m ok. It’s ok."

"What did you do?" asked Becca.

"This." Ali leaned over and stroked a finger into Becca’s pussy. She buried one knuckled inside and then withdrew. It glistened with her friend’s juice.


"Yes. Is that ok?" Ali licked the finger. It was salty and a bit sweet."You don’t taste at all like me!"

"Let’s do a taste test!" Suggested Laura.

The girls started to lick each other’s pussys. First Laura bent between Becca’s legs. Her tongue snaked out and touchec the soft flesh of the labia, then pushed past into her friend’s hole. Becca gasped and groaned. Ali could feel the heat beginning to pour from her pussy as she watched her friends giving each other head.Laura came up after about a minute with a big smile and turned to Ali.

"Your turn."

She put her hand on Ali’s leg and pushed it to the side. As her tongue hit her pussy, Ali threw her head back and sighed. The orgasm washed over her in a crashing wave - juice and cum sprayed out of her. Laura licked and licked her clit until the last pleasure was ebbing out.

"oh my god! that’s so much juice - you soaked your bed."

"FUCK! That is amazing, Laura."

"Well, you DO taste different. You’re more sweet than salty — and there’s a lot more of you!" She smiled. "Now me."

Ali quicking dove toward Laura’s bush. She used her hand to sweep back some of the hair and find the lips and clit. She smelled the sweet/bitter smell of her friend’s pussy for the first time. It was good! She lapped out and found the taste to be simlar to her own. She liked that! She  used her tongue to explore her friend’s pussy lips and to nudge into her.She wave so focused on Laura that she was suprised to feel something between her legs.

She looked back to see Becca lying down between her legs. “I couldn’t wait!” she said as she pulled Ali’s hips down onto her her mouth.

Now Ali really had to concentrate. Her tongue kept working on Laura’s pussy but she could feel Becca’s tongue on her clit - making her shudder and shake with pleasure. She could hear Laura begin to cum and this turned her on so much that Becca’s tongue just had to nudge her once in the right place…She called out and bucked against the face of her friend even as Laura was shouting and cumming all over her face too. All the emotions and pent up desires flooded out with her gushing pussy. Ali was riding bliss and happiness. Giving pleasure and getting it. She was happy for the first time in a long time.